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Lá no começo dos anos 90, mais precisamente em 1993, o total de usuários conectados na internet não chegava nem a 16 milhões ao redor do mundo. De fato, poucas pessoas tinham acesso à rede. No entanto, foi nesse mesmo ano que surgiu o primeiro e-book da história: Host, a thriller written by North American Peter James, who divided his story into two floppy disks and managed to sell an impressive 12 thousand copies (including on the web).

Since then, people's interest in e-books has only grown. Thus, today this is one of the most established rich material formats in digital marketing. E-books, in fact, are responsible for increasing (a lot) the lead generation of any sales strategy on the web.

Still don't know what rich materials are and how they can affect results of your digital strategy? Continue here in the post, as we will explain all of this in detail. Check out!

What are rich materials

Extremely important for the process of transforming a user into a lead, rich materials are in-depth and educational content. In addition to adding value to your brand, they serve to take a person from one part of the world to another. sales funnel of your company.

In other words: they exert a greater power of user interaction and conversion than the posts of blogs. In this sense, see some examples of the use of rich materials:

  • e-books (the most used currently on the web);
  • infographics;
  • video classes;
  • exclusive downloads;
  • podcasts and audiobooks.

But, after all, how can these materials help your lead generation strategy?

How to boost lead generation with these materials

It works like this: unlike blog posts, we use the rich materials in exchange for the user's contact data (such as name, email, telephone number, etc.). Therefore, all that is required is for that person to register on your website or landing page for them to have access to these materials. In return, your company will have data from a user who has already shown interest in something relevant to your business.

However, it is necessary to think very carefully about the best type of material to be offered to that user. Otherwise, your digital marketing strategy may end up not working as it should.

How to go beyond e-books

Excellent for creating brand authority, e-books are the most widespread rich material formats on the internet today. Much of this is due to the relative ease of producing them, since the creation process is one of the most simplified.

But is your audience the type that is willing to read two thousand words on a certain topic? If not, don't worry, as there are other types of materials that can greatly help your digital marketing strategy.


Is your audience looking for an app that solves a problem? Or is your audience looking for some specific type of download (like computer wallpapers or cell phone ringtones)? So, how about betting your chips on creating products that can be downloaded?

Webinars and lives

Creating a webinar or video class can be more efficient for your lead generation strategy. In fact, webinars and lives have been one of the most used formats today.

Podcasts and audiobooks

Is your audience the type that needs to consume certain content, but doesn't have time to read an e-book? So, how about turning the content of this book into a podcast or audiobook? This way, the user absorbs all the material, even in traffic or at the gym.

As you've seen so far, there's no shortage of rich types of materials that can boost your lead generation strategy. So, how about starting to create yours right now?

Do you want to know more about what leads are and how they make a difference to the success of your business? Check out our post where we explain what is a lead and how to turn it into a customer.

Rich materials: do they contribute to generating qualified leads?
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