There are several tools that can be used to generate paid traffic or paid media. Be it sponsored links, paid social media campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Pinterest Ads, or even the use of programmatic media platforms. The solution for each project comes from accurate and individualized planning. 

Plan, Execute, Optimize and Analyze are the four stages of these tools that work with continuous adjustments and research.

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Planning is the first stage to a great paid traffic campaign. Therefore, analyzing the competition, researching the market and creating strategies according to the sales funnel, the visitor's purchasing stage and the service/product offered are our team's first tasks.

Sponsored Links - Execute - Vero ContentsTo execute

One of the secrets to creating a winning paid traffic campaign is searching for keywords correctly. In this way, the keywords they must be relevant to the client's business or, in the opposite case, they must be negative. Therefore, the intersection of these words, with ad writing and website engineering is the perfect combination for success. We still have banners for the display network and remarketing campaigns. This is only talking about sponsored links, but the execution of campaigns on social media involves exact segmentation, with the aim of reaching the customer persona. There is also care in carrying out A/B tests so that the best ad is always found.

Sponsored Links - Optimize - Vero ContentsOptimize

Another secret of a paid traffic campaign is optimization. Therefore, making constant fine adjustments so that the campaign hits the target is a task for our team. Daily panel analysis, continuous testing, return on investment (ROI) analysis and performance reports will ensure the necessary adjustments.

Sponsored Links - Analyze - Vero ContentsTo analyze

The optimization phase already requires analysis by our analysts. Even so, after each month of the campaign, our team meets to analyze what happened in the previous month. Therefore, further fine-tuning may be necessary to ensure the campaign stays 100%.

Furthermore, as digital marketing always evolves, our team is constantly looking for new tools and solutions for expressive and fast results.

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