Vero Contents was in charge of publicizing the Brazilian Papaya Project through content generation for Brazil and other international markets. Prepared for Brapex, the project focused, in addition to Brazil, on countries such as the United States, Spain and Russia.

Responsive Website

Developing a hotsite as a way to promote Brazilian papaya was a task for Vero Contents. The responsive hotsite was created in four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Russian. Developed using HTML5/PHP technology, the website served as a point of attraction and registration for customers and potential distributors of Brazilian fruit.

Brazilian Papaya website
Brazilian Papaya website


Content Generation - Brazilian Papaya
Content Generation – Brazilian Papaya

Content Generation

The content was developed by Vero Contents in partnership with chef Marcelo Pinheiro. The awardee chef prepared several recipes using Brazilian fruit, showing all its diversity. The objective was to show their preparation methods, for better acceptance in the international market.

The project had a strategy of crossmedia, with point-of-sale and printed materials, developed by Vero Comunicação e Marketing. The materials were distributed in the various markets and we had the distribution of a recipe book from chef in Brazil. The project also included social media work in English and traffic generation via Google Adwords.

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