For Lopes Erwin Maack's inbound marketing project, we created a new website, with integration into the Lopesnet system where all data on the company's available properties is stored.

Strategy and Results

The Google Adwords campaign had a growth of 311% in relation to what was already being carried out, tripling the number of clicks with the same previous investment. The website saw an increase of over 50% in the number of visitors and Facebook achieved engagement rates of over 5%.

Other social media, such as Twitter and Instagram have also brought more visitors to the site, representing around 5% of total traffic.

With the implementation of the new website, blog and rich materials, there was an increase of over 10% in website visits (in relation to the numbers we were already achieving), coming from organic traffic, in addition to an increase of over 20% in the rates of leads.

Inbound Marketing - Lopes Erwin Maack
Inbound Marketing – Lopes Erwin Maack