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The world of marketing has several terminologies. One of the most talked about in recent years is about lead generation.

To begin to understand exactly what is lead, we have to imagine what the objectives of digital campaigns are. In the past, when talking about direct marketing, the objective was to obtain customer registrations and retain them, right?

The concept of this registration in current (and digital) marketing is precisely the concept of lead. So let's understand what is lead and what is its importance within a digital marketing strategy.

Let's also talk about how to generate leads and transform them into customers. Check out!

What is lead?

So let's understand the concept. A lead is a registration generated within a digital marketing strategy. Much more than that, a lead is a record of a potential customer who is interested, in some way, in your service or product. A visitor to your website who, therefore, registers on a form or landing page becomes a lead.

This lead is guided down your sales funnel, until becoming a customer. This is the principle of purchasing journey. That's why it's so important to have a well-defined strategy because, otherwise, your website will only have visitors and nothing more.

How to attract leads

How can I attract this visitor and turn him into a lead? Here comes the principle of inbound marketing. To carry out a conversion, several strategies are adopted.

Firstly, to attract visitors, you must have a corporate blog. This way, you will have content to offer your website visitors and they will be interested in subscribing to a newsletter to receive your content. This is the first conversion point.

The second point is to offer free materials, such as e-books and information in other formats, such as videos and webinars. To access a webinar or e-book, for example, the visitor must register to obtain the information. It's an exchange. This attraction and retention strategy is the principle of inbound marketing.

At this point, it is very important that you know exactly who you are attracting to your website and what content you are offering. Therefore, you must accurately profile your target audience, building what we call persona.

Don't buy mailing, build your list

A very important point when we think about leads is building your list. Buying mailings out there is the easiest way to get leads, but it's not the right way. Building personalized lists for your business is the best way to have a reliable audience that should turn into customers later.

If you buy a list, you run a serious risk of being blacklisted and becoming a spammer. After all, those people on the lists didn't ask to be there. We all know how unpleasant it is to receive daily emails from a sender we don't know.

Lead nurturing

From the moment the visitor becomes a lead, you will work to ensure that he is constantly warmed up and therefore content production is so important. You must create content for these leads, according to their position within the funnel and purchasing journey, in order to make them “descend” within your sales funnel.

To build this relationship with him, another very important concept comes into play, the lead nurturing. To do so, you must carry out a strategy of email marketing campaigns of nutrition, where the topics of interest to this lead will be addressed in each of the emails.

Qualified lead

The lead that interacts with your content thus becomes qualified within your registration base, as they become interested and relate, reaching a more advanced stage. He then becomes a qualified lead. This qualification takes place through the content marketing strategy, which will be designed according to your type of business. It's an easy principle to understand, since the lead that always consumes your content is more likely to purchase your products and services, as they are already in contact with your brand and already have a positive opinion about your company.

For a digital marketing agency, for example, as is our case, lead qualification is done by the type of subject, which can be top of the funnel or middle of the funnel, depending on its complexity and level of information. Each case, therefore, is different. If you already have leads and need to qualify them, contact a Vero Contents expert, we can help you.

When the lead becomes an opportunity

Roughly speaking, within the funnel, a lead becomes a qualified lead which, in turn, becomes an opportunity further down the line. At this point, marketing delivers the lead to sales, who must make contact to complete the purchase. This gear is more complex than that, obviously, but understanding the basic functioning of it all is the beginning of putting together a sales funnel where you attract the lead and take them to the end, when they become a customer.

To become an opportunity, this lead must perform a certain action or generate a score within its gear.

Evaluate and evolve

To finish this whole process, as we say, it's time to evaluate and evolve. Knowing if you are attracting the correct persona, knowing exactly what a lead is and nurturing your leads in order to make them go down the funnel and contact them at the right time is the secret to generating more sales. Therefore, always evaluate your campaigns and specific actions to know if the entire strategy is correct.

This way, you will be able to make all the necessary adjustments to improve your results.

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What is a lead and how to turn it into a customer
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