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The Google Ads It is a very powerful tool. To understand its importance, we have to understand how jpurchase decoration of the consumer works.

Before the internet, people were primarily impacted by the media, whether TV, radio, outdoor media or print media.

What happened before the web: people had a buying impulse the moment they were impacted by advertising. So, she went to the point of sale or contacted the company. Another possibility to make the purchase was the opposite way: receiving a call or visit from a salesperson offering the sale.

In the first case, the prospect You used to do your research directly at the point of sale or look for new ads from competitors to make your comparison. The seller who answered the prospect At the point of sale, I would already try to close the sale.

In the case of telephone contact, the chance of a sale is lower. It's the call cold calling. After all, who wants to be approached momentarily without wanting to buy a product?

Although the ways mentioned above still exist, the internet has changed this approach. Search tools have become the starting points for purchasing. Internet users research, studying characteristics, values and making comparisons. This is where the purchasing journey comes in and where the sales funnel.

And, to understand this process, we have to understand the main stages of the purchasing journey:

Navigator or Researcher

Still in the initial phase, the consumer finds himself in two possible positions. She may be a Navigator, which means that she is not yet in the research phase and does not yet realize the need to purchase the product/service. Or you may already be a Researcher, aware that you have a need (or desire) to purchase. In this position, he has already started searching for a solution to his problem, but has not yet found the answers to his questions.


At this stage, the Internet user has already become a prospect. It is comparing models or solutions. Here, you haven't yet decided exactly which product/service to purchase, but you are already in the selection phase. This period is essential for those who sell. At this stage, there are micro-moments where this comparator can make a decision and become a buyer.

Here the company must be able to position itself as the best option (or solution).


The prospect At this stage, you have already decided what to buy. The research now is price, payment method and where to buy. It's time for sales to take action. If the company did the positioning job well, especially by becoming the main answer to the questions asked by this prospect, she will be able to close the sale.

And where does Google Ads fit into the purchasing journey?

Your campaign must take this journey into account. Each segment has its own characteristics, but there is no point in capturing the prospect at a time when he is not ready to purchase and try to make a sale. That lead, as it is known on the internet, has to be treated according to its stage within the journey.

That's why the inbound marketing is such an important strategy because takes into account the stage of the sales funnel, treating this lead according to their stage in the funnel.

Therefore, your campaign must be aligned with each stage of the journey, as well as your capture page. I see a lot of campaigns in Google Ads projects that bring good CPC (cost per click) metrics, but with very low conversion rates. The client ends up concluding that the tool does not work, but the focus of the campaign may be misaligned with the funnel stage, causing low conversion.

It is necessary to optimize your campaigns, putting together a keyword strategy e optimizing the website for search engines.

Google Ads is a very powerful tool, but if it is not used well, it will not bring the expected results. In this other post, find out how Google Adwords (Google Ads) works.
In another post, I will talk a little more about capture pages, an essential item for achieving good conversions.

Shopping journey: optimizing Google Ads results
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