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A good keyword strategy is essential to achieving success in digital marketing. After all, the world on the web begins, most of the time, with search tools.

Therefore, every company must have well-structured keyword work.

Furthermore, it is very important to know that it is not possible to come first in every situation. SERP (Search Engine Results Page), or results pages.

Choosing well the keywords that are essential to your business and for the stage it is at will be the way for your company to reach a prominent place.

What are keywords

Although we use the term keywords as if they were unique, so-called keywords They can be words or expressions. In other words, to give an example, marketing is a keyword, just as digital marketing agency is another keyword.

It is also necessary to understand the technical meaning of what a keyword is. Searches on tools such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are carried out using these words. They are, therefore, the terms that Internet users use to carry out a search. And more than that, to find an answer that solves your problems.

It is because of this definition that we usually say that your company needs to be the answer that search engines find in a keyword search.

Why have a keyword strategy

Firstly, if you already understand the concept, you need to put together a consistent keyword strategy. It is not enough to have some keywords from your area of activity in the text of your website.

To get an idea of the importance of keywords, more than 40,000 searches per second on Google, average. There are more than 1.5 billion websites on the web and more than 4 billion users. A number, in fact, that increases every second.

So imagine if you have a website that has been static for at least a year. It is therefore completely out of date. This happens because the same person does not perform a search on a certain subject using the same keyword every time.

Furthermore, we get used to imagining how people carry out these searches, but each head works in a different way. In other words, each person searches differently.

Even if your keywords are still in line with searches in your market, you could be wasting new visitors who are already looking for your services or products. Therefore, you must have a constant and daily keyword strategy.

In the post Search engine optimization tips  We talk about improvements and techniques for search tools and how they work. This will help you understand the technical part behind these gadgets.

Get to know your business well on the web

Even though you are a great expert in your field, it is essential that you know your business in the digital universe. Understand how people carry out research and in what purchasing stage are will help you achieve great results. Another very important concept for putting together a keyword strategy is sales funnel.

But how to make all this work? In digital marketing, there are various tools that will help you put together these strategies. In addition to using them, you can also take a look at competitors' websites and carry out tests by searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It is also important that you consider some variables that directly impact research, in addition to your customer's purchasing stage in the sales funnel. They are: search volume, competition, opportunity and position.

Working the variables

Search volume is a basic variable, but it has some gotchas. First, use the tools to find out what volume each keyword can bring you.

You may be in an industry where a certain keyword has very high volume, but is very competitive. And the reverse can also happen. And that's where the gotchas lie, because a lot of people only focus on high-volume keywords.

But you can choose to work with keywords with a lower search volume and low competition. This will give you more immediate results, for example.

Also remember that each keyword corresponds to a funnel stage for your potential customer. This must be very clear in your strategies. There are segments with keywords with very high search volume and low competition. These words can be used both in paid media, as well as organically.

Note that the search volume variable is directly linked to the second variable: competition. As we already said, you should consider whether the keyword is very competitive or not. This will depend on your company's positioning in the market and also on other strategic issues.

The third variable is opportunity. Some keywords bring with them other elements in the search results, such as videos, maps, company locations, etc... This can cause the user's attention to be scattered on the first page results. The opportunity here is to find words that don't have as many elements in the search results, which will help you stand out in the SERP.

The last variable is position. Through tools such as SEMRush and the RD Station, for example, you will be able to evaluate your position in relation to a certain keyword. This way, you will be able to draw up a specific keyword strategy for each word you are using, and stand out in one or another that is strategic for your company.

Always offer new content

Within a good keyword strategy you should always think about content generation. We always said here Why content production is so important. This is completely related to keyword work.

The production of content for the web must be constant, always thinking about the benefit you will be passing on to your audience. Always be aligned with your persona It is also a basic and essential item for your strategy to be successful.

And always remember to evaluate your actions to evolve your strategies and to always have your strategies recorded and documented.

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How to put together a keyword strategy
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