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In our article Tips for Improving Website Performance We cover some ways to optimize your website, focusing on both the technical and design aspects.

There, we point out some items, including the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many of them are essential and must be well worked on for search engine optimization.

In this article, we will talk about the technical part of SEO optimization. And let's start by addressing what we call On-Page SEO.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

The first step in achieving the objective of increasing website visits is to plan its structure and how we will use keywords within it.

If your website is already ready and you want to analyze how your current SEO works to check this structure, some tools can help you, such as RDStation and the SEMRush, for example.

But if you are setting up a website, it is important to follow some steps. Therefore, we need to define the structure and keep in mind which keywords are important for the business.

This assessment will allow you to define some items that will be essential for SEO. These items would be:

  • URL;
  • page title;
  • page headers.

This definition is very important, but we must avoid exaggerations. Therefore, including searched terms on your website that may be out of context (even if they are part of your business universe) can be a shot in the foot.

Therefore, the above items must contain the essential terms. In other words, those that really define your business, but that provide a great browsing experience for the user.

Meta tags, tags and meta descriptions

To the meta tags These are commands within the website code that allow each page to be described to search engines.

To the tags Title tags are text descriptions that describe the content your page is associated with. They are the first items to be found by the mechanisms.

Meta descriptions (or metascriptions) are texts of up to 160 characters used to describe your website. It is the text that appears on Google when we type a certain term. Here it is very important to use the essential keywords for your business.

SEO in publications and the use of keywords

Thinking about the research carried out regarding your business, we have to make sure that some keywords are on your website. Thus, the blog becomes fundamental, as you will work on the text consistently within your business, strengthening the words that are important. In the post Why having a corporate blog is essential for business, we talk more about the importance of blogs.

For a text to be worked correctly (avoiding incoherence and redundancy), try to work with variations of keywords and specific and relevant items. Example: instead of working on the word Internet, work internet marketing.

There are other tools that help with the use of keywords and SEO in posts, such as Google Keyword Planner and the Yoast, for those who use the WordPress. In this case, search engine optimization will focus on evaluating the search volume of keywords.

Therefore, you must choose the ones that best suit the current situation of your business. The important thing here is to constantly evaluate these terms, as the internet constantly evolves and changes.

The importance of links and external content (Off-Page SEO)

Duplicate content (on more than one site) and the use of links to generate SEO is seen by Google as a practice contrary to relevance. This type of practice can ruin your search engine optimization. Just think about the following: if your website is relevant and has its own content, why would it need tricks to become relevant?

Increasing the speed with which your website appears in organic searches is a promise of many companies that work with SEO. Traffic and cross-linking is an old tactic and Google views it negatively.

Content that comes from outside is extremely important. One of the best-known strategies is link building, which can help attract quality traffic to your blog.

Of course, working with citations from other blogs and articles is a great tactic, but this is something we have to be very careful about. Therefore, there is nothing better than publishing great content so that it is cited and shared elsewhere. After all, content is gold!

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Search engine optimization tips
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