What is link building and why you should do it
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If you already have a corporate blog, This post is for you. It is important to understand that a SEO It consists of two stages: internal and external. The external one, which we call Off Page SEO, is essential to highlight your blog with external links. That's where the link building.

Understanding Link Building

Get quality external links pointed to your website with the aim of increasing its popularity, whether naturally or not. This is what we call link building. These links gained from other websites are also called inbound links or simply backlinks.

To generate this popularity, three factors are considered for the link building: relevance, quantity and quality. Thus, traffic generation is an important point in the marketing strategy. link building. The better this link, the more qualified your blog's audience will be and the greater the weight of this link for your site's ranking in relation to external links.

Therefore, the more relevant these links are, the better for your site's ranking. And also without forgetting that you must have a good number of links.

How to analyze external links

To understand the relevance of external links and know where to look for quality links, you must know how to analyze some metrics. Let's check them:

Domain Authority or Domain Authority

This metric determines the potential that a given page has for good positioning in search results. There are several points that the metric takes into account, such as quality and quantity of outgoing links, diversity of these links and proportion of follow and nofollow links (see below).


Created by Google, PageRank is an algorithm created by Google that assigns a score from 0 to 10 to your page. Thus, the index identifies the relevance and ranks the pages of the website. PageRank was the basis for the existence of the Google algorithm, which was updated and started to incorporate other tools.

Ancor Text or Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text that appears in a hyperlink. Generally, it appears in a different color and underlined, as we are used to. This text is extremely important, as search engines “see” it to define the relevance of the landing page.


Nofollow links are those that are not considered by robots, in order to avoid SPAM. They are generally used on social networking sites, blog comments, etc. Thus, this attribute will tell the search engine that this link should not influence the ranking of the destination to which it points.


The number of external links on a page is called outbound.

What not to do to get external links

A few years ago, with the aim of creating relevance, some websites used a strategy that Google came to understand as SEO cheating: Black Hat SEO. After all, Google's objective is to provide the best answer to a specific question asked by the user, leading to a results display page (SERP). Therefore, it became necessary to understand how these links were generated and whether or not they were relevant to the user.

Black Hat consists of including dozens or hundreds of links within the website to create false relevance within the website's pages, creating a network of links. This was not always done as a “trick”. It was an SEO technique that ended up being penalized with the evolution of Google's algorithms.

Therefore, it is a technique to be avoided, as it can have bad consequences for your SEO strategy. The best thing is to always produce good content and bring good external links to your website.

Link Building Strategy Examples

The three most common strategies for Link Building are: guest posts, link bait and partnerships.

Guest Posts: publishing articles on other websites is a well-known strategy for those who work with SEO or WITHOUT. You can publish your text on third-party websites and vice versa, bringing the external website's audience back to your website.

Linkbait: In Portuguese, link bait is a content strategy created to attract links through very useful or entertaining content, such as infographics. A link bait is generally associated with creativity and pioneering, as it must attract the user's attention.

Partnerships: Exchanging links with partners is a very simple strategy and can be the beginning of link building work. Just talk to commercial partners and exchange links, pointing to your website.

How to analyze external links

There are several tools for analyzing external links. O Google Search Console is one of the main ones and can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics and Google Ads, which will make your SEM work more assertive. In addition to being free, Search Console allows you to manage problems on your website and perform important optimizations.

The Link Explorer, from the company Moz, a reference in the SEO market, offers some tools that are also free. The tool provides reports on broken links, competitors, backlinks, anchor texts and link building opportunities.

The Majestic SEO focuses on backlink analysis, with indicators such as citation flow and trust flow, which estimate backlink scores.

It is important to work on link building within a complete SEO strategy, always carrying out the necessary analysis and adjustments. Digital marketing work is always based on constant improvements. This way, define which metrics are important within your strategy and make the necessary improvements.

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What is link building and why you should do it
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