How to sell through Instagram Shopping
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The Instagram It's booming in Brazil and that's nothing new. And for those who want to make the most of the application, the Instagram Shopping It’s a great option for selling products.

If you already promote your products on Instagram, in addition to the possibility of exposure, you can use the direct sales feature on the platform, as a Virtual store. This will make your profile attract visitors to discover your products, but also to buy them directly. Find out more about the Instagram Shopping in this post!

What is Instagram Shopping

The Instagram Shopping is a platform feature that allows product links to be applied directly to photos within the profile.

Instead of tagging a user, for example, you can tag your products, including a price tag on each item in the photo, with the name of each product. It is a small product store that now has a different profile.

The tool offers different types of visualization, such as in the feed, where products are tagged – when clicking on the tags, the user is directed to a page within Instagram with more photos of the product, or in stories. You can even use augmented reality resources, simulating the use of the product.

Sell through Instagram Shopping - detail
Instagram Shopping Post Example in Feed

How to set up a store on Instagram Shopping

To have your store on Instagram Shopping, you need to meet some requirements:

  • Firstly, you need to have a business account;
  • the store must sell material goods;
  • you must have your account connected to a page on Facebook.

The first step then is to connect the Instagram profile to the Facebook catalog, as follows:

  • on your Facebook business page profile, click set up store;
  • enter the store address and choose the billing currency;
  • enter the email used on the Facebook page and select the rates used in the country and state;
  • Register your products.

After the above steps on Facebook, Instagram will review the products entered before enabling the tagging tool. You must wait for the resource to become available to start selling. This may take a few days, and a store tab will appear on your profile.

How to register products

As soon as Instagram releases the feature, you will be able to start including products in posts. To do this, simply choose the photo and in the space to insert tags for places and people, you will have a new option for product tags. Enter name, price and additional photos.

In stories, the process is very similar. Instead of inserting stickers and gifs, you will have a “Product” option with the shopping bag symbol.

Integrating your online store

If you already have an online store, you can integrate it with the Facebook product catalog and, consequently, with your e-commerce. Thus, instead of the checkout being carried out using the Instagram Shopping tool, it will be carried out in your own online store, with the customer accessing the redirected Instagram product page.

It is an important tool, as you control inventory in a unique way and gain an additional sales channel.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the need to have such a resource at hand. Firstly, because Instagram grows every day. Secondly, as it is very practical to make the purchase directly, which increases shipping rates. conversion.

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How to sell through Instagram Shopping
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