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Is it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of your target audience on the internet? You may need to review your operating channels. And if you're thinking about social media, the hot one is Instagram.

Originally created in 2010, Instagram was just an image sharing app. Over time and the eventual acquisition by Facebook, it became one of the main platforms today, incorporating different functions.

For marketing, Instagram offers several very attractive possibilities for impact the public. Furthermore, its focus on visual content allows for a high degree of immersion in the brand's universe. Even more so when Instagram Stories were incorporated into the tool, which gave the application more dynamics.

Discover, below, the main advantages of adopting an Instagram strategy for companies:

1. Wide user base

Instagram has more than 1 billion of users worldwide, being 69 million of these in Brazil. This is a large volume audience for your company to leverage and implement a marketing strategy.

There is a lot of value in the various segments that exist within Instagram. This way, there is not just one type of audience there, which allows companies from the most varied markets to take advantage of it.

2. Higher engagement rate

Facebook may have the largest number of users, but Instagram is where the most engagement is achieved. Therefore, for any brand, positively impacting the public is essential and receiving feedback is even more important.

According to a 2018 study, the Instagram gets 15 times more interactions than other social networks. These numbers are not expected to drop until the end of 2019, even with Recent changes to the app.

3. Various types of publication

Instagram hasn't just been a photo social network for a long time. Nowadays, it has several post formats that can provide very attractive possibilities for your brand's digital marketing strategy.

In addition to photos and videos, you can explore the Instagram Stories format to give your audience a feeling of exclusivity. All such content disappears after 24 hours. Therefore, plan your material correctly.

4. Complete structure for paid ads

In addition to having several possible types of publications, Instagram also has a ad platform. Here, you can sponsor content and target it to highly specific segments of the audience.

This is very valuable, as it allows your Instagram strategy for companies to only reach those who have the profile to become your company's customers. This is a focus on saving resources and improving results.

As you can see, a Instagram strategy for companies it can bring a series of benefits. It is a very strong advertising channel, which is capable of reaching several different audience segments.

The network offers a greater level of proximity to the audience, which is decisive for increasing business visibility. However, it is important to remember that you can only obtain good results on Instagram when a quality campaign is implemented.

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Instagram for companies: after all, should my organization have an account?
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