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Every marketing manager is always looking for new strategies. Especially those that help with sales conversion. Regardless of the choice, there is a factor that directly impacts the actions: good content. It is what will attract the consumer and feed the leads. And it will also improve the relationship with the brand, among other functions.

It’s important to know that not every type of text converts into sales. Therefore, the content must have some characteristics.

And that's where copywriting comes in, a technique that is becoming increasingly popular. In this article we will cover this technique. And how it can help you win more customers. Follow along!

What is copywriting?

Basically, copywriting is a content production strategy. This technique aims to convince the audience to take an action (often a sale). This content can be presented in various formats, such as email, slogan, blog post, website, among others. Thus, copywriting is the art of writing persuasively to promote a product, person, idea or business.

The copywriter, a professional specialized in the technique, has the job of carefully selecting information. And then he writes the copy (text) in a persuasive way. This way, it makes the audience feel encouraged to take a specific action.

He needs to make the right choice of words to make the text pleasant. Furthermore, this text must be, at the same time, convincing. Therefore, it makes the reader realize that they will have advantages by carrying out that action.

Where did copywriting come from?

The first known copy was made in 1828, by Noah Webster. The term was related to an original idea imitated in writing and printing. From 1870 onwards, the copywriter was defined as a professional who wrote advertisements. Thus, the copywriter was differentiated from the news writer.

One of the great fathers of the method was Claude Hopkins. He was already researching consumers' desires before writing his copy, back in mid-1886.

Since then, the technique has been used by advertising agencies. Big names, like David Ogilvy, used the technique. But we must not confuse copywriting with advertising writing. Some advertising texts may be copies. So, there are differences to consider.

Currently, copywriting is widely used in digital marketing. Product launch strategies, for example, use the technique. This is because the technique requires the presence of so-called mental triggers. Many of them are present in the copies. This way, the copy can use these arguments to lead the audience to the desired action.

What is the relationship between copywriting and the sales funnel?

Copywriting is closely linked to digital marketing. And especially with inbound marketing. So that there is interest in moving forward through the sales funnel, people need to be stimulated. And the copy comes in to do this correctly. Therefore, it must lead people to consume the content produced.

Download an e-book, subscribe to a newsletter, open an email or fill out a form. These actions are essential for capturing leads. Therefore, to optimize this work, it is very important to pay special attention to copywriting. Consumers themselves — increasingly informed and demanding — can now easily identify when the company does not invest in engaging and interesting content.

With competition increasing, paying attention to this strategy is a way to stand out in the market. And get more return with inbound marketing.

Why hire specialized service?

That copywriting is essential for converting leads is already clear. A copywriter's job requires a lot of knowledge and writing skills. Furthermore, it requires empathy with the consumer. And to achieve this, you need time to dedicate yourself to studying the business. It is also important that the professional has knowledge about the stages of the sales funnel. Thus, it will produce content according to each of them.

Therefore, faced with so many demands, it is very difficult to hire an employee to carry out this work. This has been a task of marketing agencies. Vero Contents, for example, has copywriters on its team. Thus, we have a difference in optimizing customer results.

Investing in improving content is a way to optimize your sales funnel. In addition to increasing lead conversion. This must be a commitment

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Copywriting: discover the writing technique focused on conversions!

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