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The pressure for results It's very big. Even more so in the corporate world. And especially when it comes to measuring return on investment (ROI). Therefore, if you work in marketing, you know the extent of the responsibility you have for carrying out actions.

This task becomes even more complicated when the team is lean. And worse, if you have to integrate offline with online.

One of the challenges is find a reliable agency and fulfill what was promised. Furthermore, it must help achieve goals (such as increasing lead generation, for example).

But is this the best way out? In this post, we have separated for you the main points to consider. They will help with the decision to hire a marketing agency. Check out!

Cost-benefit ratio

There is a way to measure the cost-benefit of hiring an agency. Just look at the big picture. According to the objectives, you align with the agency. Then, create the plan. Hiring can be for a fixed amount. Another option is by success (success fee). This way, there are no extra expenses and the actions stay within the budget. And most importantly, the predicted ROI will be controlled.

Further: measure the success of your campaigns This is what will bring the reliability of the board. And the agency will deliver periodic and accurate reports. Therefore, your difficulties in establishing the best key performance indicators (KPIs).

Let's compare some points between having an agency and an in-house team. This way, we can understand what the benefits are.

In-house marketing team

To begin, we survey what is necessary for a team to function. And we separate it into two categories: structure and personnel.

And finally, let's look at hiring an agency vs. an internal team.


Structural expenses refer to the physical structure. Here we have rental and equipment. These are necessary items for the marketing department to function.

Please note the list of minimum requirements:

  • Physical facilities: physical space, office furniture and costs for cleaning the place (products, cleaning lady, etc.).
  • Air conditioning: necessary to maintain the temperature of computers.
  • Electronic devices: complete and updated computers. In addition, automation software, tablets and smartphones.
  • Fees: The energy bill is the responsibility of the company. Therefore, this expense must be considered.
  • Tools: To make a digital marketing department work, it is necessary to invest in tools. Agencies already have packages for everyday use. Therefore, this expense must also be accounted for. In addition to your updates.


The second item refers to personnel expenses. Here we have the hiring and maintenance of employees.

  • Minimum staff: we set up an example with 7 people:
    • Web analyst;
    • Content manager;
    • Social media coordinator;
    • SEO Analyst;
    • Optimization and conversions manager;
    • In addition to content producers (at least one writer and one reviewer).
  • Refresher courses: at least one per month for each employee. After all, working with technology requires dedication and updating.
  • Replacing parts: There are two situations. The first is vacation periods and other absences. The second is terminations. In both cases, replacing employees has consequences. Therefore, new training must be carried out. In addition to new hires.

There may be other formats to assemble the team. But this varies according to need. And it should be noted that this configuration requires experts. This way, the team cannot be too lean.

Hiring a marketing agency

As we have seen, investments are numerous. Therefore, the financial factor is the first sign that it is worth hiring a partner. In addition, we have a few more reasons:

1. Expertise

In an agency, you will find professionals from different areas. Therefore, we have creation, production, execution and metrics. This is just as an example. And they are always up-to-date and experienced professionals. This way, you save on training and personnel. And mainly, the risk of making inappropriate choices, which reduces your margin for error.

An example of this is the Vero team, which is always up to date and looks for the best solutions. So much so that we were chosen in 2024 as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Latin America. Thanks to our employees, partners and customers!

2. Access to cutting-edge technology

Entrepreneurs know they must invest in technology. They are updated software. And state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to acquisitions, programs must have support. And also the equipment. And we also have the costs of training employees.

The agency has all of this at its disposal. And they won't charge you extra for it. In addition to the fact that employees already know how to use the tools. This requirement already occurs at the time of hiring.

3. Time

In short, you save your team time. And the money that your company would invest in the entire operation. Therefore, your team will be more productive. And time is also money.

Hiring a marketing agency can be cheaper than you think. Additionally, it helps generate results for your company's marketing campaign. So think carefully.

Do you need to hire a marketing agency? Talk to a Vero Contents expert!

Is hiring a marketing agency good value for money?
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