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Improving the user experience is essential. Even more so that your visitors find what they need. This way, it will be easier for them to get closer to the moment of conversion. Remember the purchasing journey.

In this context, website design plays a fundamental role. In today's post, we will show you what this role is. And what factors are taken into account. Check out!

Importance of Design

The company's visual identity is responsible for transmitting a message to the customer. Because of this, many companies and professionals deliver images and services that are inefficient and unsatisfactory. O result It is clear: the work of companies is undervalued. And the institution's image in the market is damaged and damaged.

Therefore, the website design must reflect the company’s desires and objectives. And more than that, it must take the user into consideration. It is he who must have his intentions met.

In this way, the design will provide a large part of the experience that the user will have with the page. It will have an impact on the way the company will be seen. But also on how the audience will interact with the services.

In short: such issues should not be analyzed solely as an aesthetic factor. And they must be seen in a functional way. This is because they are responsible for to attract, retain and delight visitors.

Important factors

Utility, usability and desirability are points that must be evaluated. See how each item can contribute to your page:


When making a site, the first step is to understand which items are really useful for each page. Users are looking for content that can help them solve their problems. And not because of artistic monuments. This way, simplicity solves the problem.


Every website has to be designed to be easy to use. So, design the pages so that they are simple to access. And even an inexperienced visitor understands the dynamics on their first visit.


The content must be attractive. After all, he is like the icing on the cake. If it doesn't provoke desire, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

Think of a restaurant dish. He is what you want. It may even arrive very quickly. However, the presentation is very bad. So, you're likely to lose the desire to consume it, right?

In the same way, if the website is not pleasant, there is no point in being functional and useful.

6 tips for building websites

We’ve prepared six tips to help your page provide the best user experiences:

1. Less is more

Complex, difficult-to-use systems are bad. So they won't please. Think about designing pages where users only need a few screens. Likewise, few clicks to reach the goal. Simple website. Good results.

2. Always speed

Speed is fundamental for users. Every second wasted loading the page will result in unhappy users. And so, in page abandonments. Therefore, use light and appropriately sized images. If you work with WordPress, use compression plugins.

3. Content for everyone

Keep in mind that people with visual limitations can also visit your page. To do this, architect the website so that color blind people and people with low vision can navigate well.

So, describe the images. This helps specialized programs to indicate to this audience what the content of the images is.

4. Utility above all

Don't try to guess what your customers need most. Therefore, use objective data from research and analysis.

5. Bet on certainty

To help you make the best choices, there is nothing better than hiring an agency. You will find experts in providing a good user experience.

An agency has knowledge on the subject and can minimize errors. This will increase the productivity and efficiency of your services.

Look for one that thinks about visitors. And how to continually please them.

6. Take tests

Make sure customers are satisfied. Take tests. And then, adjustments. Then, new tests.

Design is essential for your company to provide a pleasant visit. It will be able to convey the message you want. Furthermore, it will make it easier to use. And as a consequence, your website can bring more sales. Don't forget the items above.

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Why is website design important for user experience?
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