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As have a blog Of success? There are those who consider this the million-dollar question. After all, it is through the content you publish that you can attract visitors, generate leads, convert them into customers and retain them.

We've put together some important tips for you to increase visits and build your digital audience. Continue reading and find out!

1. Use attractive CTAs

A Call to Action (CTA) is a call you make to your blog visitor to perform a certain action on a page. Here are some types of CTAs used:

  • Texts (whenever necessary, with the appropriate links) suggesting comments on the post, contacting the company, liking or following their profiles on social media, etc.;
  • Areas in side bar — side column of your page that can offer links to different content, subscribe to newsletters, download e-books, etc.;
  • Images in the content inserted within the text, breaking up the reading and ensuring attention.

The important thing to define the appropriate CTA is to know which persona the content is intended. To do so, it is necessary to understand very well how the sales funnel of your business.

2. Create a newsletter subscription field

Email is a great ally for having a successful blog. From it you can create Marketing campaign and offer valuable information. This way, you make your audience want to know more about what you offer, click on your links and CTAs and, of course, buy.

Therefore, don't forget to invite visitors and readers of your pages, social networks and texts to subscribe to your newsletter. Don’t forget to track and measure the results of each message sent.

3. Publish multimedia content

There is a wide variety of materials that you can offer your audience to captivate them and, consequently, have a successful blog. Publish texts, audios, videos and images about the subjects you want to discuss.

Take into account that more and more people access the internet through their cell phones and tablets. Therefore, reading through these devices is often difficult and uncomfortable. Therefore, expand the types of publications to engage the most different types of visitors to your page.

4. Invite authors to guest posts

Guest posts are texts produced by guest authors. They help to bring different points of view on your production area. Therefore, they end up bringing more freshness and innovation to your content, important characteristics for having a successful blog.

You don't need to stop there. Vary the format as we talked about in the previous topic and carry out interviews, podcasts and infographics with your guests.

5. Establish (and track) your metrics

To know if you have a successful blog you need to define metrics for each objective you set. You may want to increase the number of visitors or visits to your store, generate leads, etc.

Therefore, closely monitor the performance of your publications and your page. This way, it becomes easier to understand which mistakes were made, which posts attract the most clicks and where you should invest when it comes to produce content.

6. Plan

Success does not depend on luck. It is a direct result of your work. Therefore, take the time to plan each action and strategy.

Also, don't forget to put your entire plan into practice. After all, constancy and quality are characteristics that will certainly help boost the performance of your blog.

7. Don't forget about SEO

We cannot forget the issue of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your posts must be well optimized to rank well on Google. This way, put together a good strategy for key words. This way, you will be able to attract the right visitors to your blog.

Did you see how some practical and simple tips can be the key to having a successful blog? With a little more commitment and dedication, it is possible to reap the benefits of a good digital marketing strategy.

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Do you want to have a successful blog? Discover 7 efficient strategies
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