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To the email marketing campaigns They are fundamental to success in digital marketing and are still very efficient. This tool, so loved and hated by many, is essential for building relationships, generating traffic and promoting promotions, generating leads e sales. But to be successful and not become an annoying spammer, some care and good practices must be applied. Here are some tips to help you get great results:

Think about your audience first

It seems obvious, but it's not. When developing a campaign e-mail marketing, the focus must be entirely on the audience. Without thinking about the benefits offered or solutions sought by your audience, click-through rates will be well below what is desired. First look at your needs prospect. If you try to sell something right away, you will have a high rejection rate. Think about who is reading it and what benefit it would have for them to open your email marketing. If you only talk about yourself, without showing an important message to be opened, your message will be sent to the trash can. Therefore, create a dialogue with your audience, providing them with relevant information. And don't forget to bring maximum engagement to your channels by sharing blog and social media posts. Listen to what your audience has to say and you will be able to provide more information of real interest.

Segment your email marketing base

It's important that you don't be too generic. The best way to hit the target is by segmenting your base, as your message will meet the needs of those who are receiving it. Know who you are targeting and think about exactly how to communicate with that audience, personalizing your message as much as you can. Look for offers that are interesting to this audience and this way you will gain their trust. Write very objective emails for your segmented list, which will ensure there are no distractions. So, your calls-to-action (CTAs) will work much more effectively.

Carry out A/B tests

Some technical issues must be observed before launching your campaign. Firstly, we have to consider the famous A/B testing. Using different subjects for the same campaign, you will be able to know the best approach for your audience. Therefore, carry out tests with different phrases for small samples of your base and analyze the results. O A/B testing It can also be done with images and other items from your email. But remember: change one item at a time. If you change more than one variable, you won't know which one worked.

Capriche in design

Other important items must be observed to improve the delivery of your campaigns, such as design. An efficient email should have around 60% text and 40% images and should have a text-only version. Avoid long titles, heavy images, capitalized words and typical expressions such as “free”, “click here” and punctuation and characters such as “$$$”, “!!!” It is "???". Remember to create responsive layouts, as the world is completely mobile-oriented. Use attractive images.

Create automations

Automations really help increase your sales. By creating automations, you will have more time to plan and optimize your campaigns and marketing actions. digital marketing and you will be able to create closer relationships with your base, as you will be able to more efficiently manage your leads. The tools that enable these automations make it easier to measure results and help us better understand the needs of our prospects. If you already have a segmented base, automation will allow you to optimize the functioning of your funnel and create more opportunities to close sales. It will also allow your audience to receive more and more information focused on their interests and will increasingly increase the engagement and success of your campaigns.

And most importantly: don't disturb recipients by filling them with inappropriate, repetitive, daily messages. Find the timing do your base and you will be successful in your campaigns!

Email marketing: tips for your campaigns to take off

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