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Google Discover is another great feature from Google, always aiming to provide good user experiences. And if you generate content to position yourself well in search results, you must use Google Discover in your favor.

Therefore, we put together this article, with the aim of helping you so that you can make the most of this resource. See what we have prepared for you:

  • What is Google Discover and how does it work?
  • How to optimize content for the tool?
  • How to analyze the results obtained?

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What is Google Discover and how does it work?

Google Discover was launched in 2018, but it already existed in 2017 as Google Feed. After going through some adjustments and improvements, the resource as it is today shows a personalized feed. Without the need for research, the content presented is updated regularly and shows information according to the user's interactions with Google products.

Thus, content becomes more attractive, with the aim of improving the user experience.

The resource is only available for mobile devices and can be accessed in three ways:

  • Through the device's browser, accessing;
  • Through the Google app, available on both Android and iOS;
  • Through the “swipe right” feature on some devices.

In this way, Google starts to recommend content, based on the user's experience, which is exactly the opposite of the search tool, which brings results for what the user wants. user search. Thus, it becomes an active resource, anticipating search intent, suggesting content. Discover includes videos, entertainment updates, sports scores, events and more.

The tool is very interesting and the user can indicate whether they want to receive more or less content, according to the cards suggested by the tool. Additionally, you can indicate which content you want to include in the resource. Thus, this happens when the search engine displays the Follow option, which will make you receive content on the chosen topic.

How to optimize content for the tool?

Firstly, it is important to point out that the feature allows you to bring more organic traffic to your website. With the growth of mobile, it can be a formidable resource for getting in front of your customers. However, it is essential to have relevant content for your personas.

So, the first point is not to think strictly about the technical part. Generating content is always a way of relating to your customer. Therefore, it should always be the main focus. Some tips can help:

Optimize your website pages for the mobile version

The feature is specific to mobile devices. So, nothing more necessary than optimizing your website for mobile. Your website must be responsive or have an AMP version. AMP pages, identified by a lightning bolt in the top right corner, have priority, as they are 100% optimized for mobile. This way, they load faster.

Use quality images

Since Google uses a card to display Google Discover content, the image must be of high quality. And we are, in this case, talking about high-resolution images, at least 1200px wide. To use large images in Discover, you must complete this form to authorize Google.

Follow Google News policies

It is important to follow the guidelines of Google News so that the contents are trustworthy for the user.

Produce interesting texts with current affairs and evergreen content

Evergreen content is timeless subjects that are not associated with specific events. In addition to them, you should use fresher content, which is Google Discover's priority. It can be market news, current news or trending topics.

It is important, once again, to emphasize that you must generate relevant content. Revisit your interests persona and the topics that bring the most engagement.

Publish more videos on Youtube

Video content is increasingly appearing in search results. Likewise, they are featured on Google Discover. You Youtube videos appear in autoplay, gaining prominence and attracting more clicks than other cards.

How to analyze the results obtained?

To measure what happens on Google Discover, you can use the performance report in Google Search Console. There, you'll find impressions, clicks, and CTR for content that has appeared in your Discover feed in the last 16 months. But only numbers that reach a minimum limit appear there.

Some important items from the Discover report:

  • Volume of traffic generated from Google Discover to your website;
  • The best content on Discover;
  • Frequency with which content appears;
  • Discover Content Performance vs. Traditional Search Results

Another great tool for generating organic traffic, Google Discover is aligned with new mobile trends. If you want help from an SEO expert, talk to Vero Contents. We are here to help you!

What is Google Discover and why use it in your content strategy
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