The pharmaceutical industry and content marketing
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Pharmaceutical advertising

Freedom of creation within the pharmaceutical industry a few years ago was similar to other areas of advertising. We worked in many ways, always maintaining the focus on scientific information. In 2000, the market underwent strong regulation in communication with healthcare professionals. Some restrictions, which have increased over the years, have been included.

Thus, the market underwent its first major transformation in terms of communication. Advertising became restricted in many aspects.

Like every major sector, the pharmaceutical industry adapted well and all agencies and clients ended up finding their way. The objective of continuing to inform the main differences of its products, the result of a lot of research and investments, always with a focus on scientific information, continued as the center of communication.

A few years ago, the second major transformation in pharmaceutical advertising took place. The contact between the sales team and the doctor has evolved, with the inclusion of digital media and the change from printed visual aid to tablets. The focus remained the same: scientific information. And yet, the biggest challenge continued to be retaining health professionals with quality information.

The pharmaceutical industry changed after 2015

According to data from IMS Health, pharmaceutical industry revenue in Brazil fell by around R$ 9.3 billion, reaching US$ 28.1 billion, from 2013 to 2015. Brazil went from sixth place in 2013, to seventh in the segment ranking . The unfavorable exchange rate fueled the fall.

Although the domestic market still registered growth, the appreciation of the dollar forced the negative result. These impacts were felt in marketing budgets, with cuts and reductions in materials. The numbers in dollars made Brazil fall in the ranking in 2015, but sales in 2016 rose 13.1%, totaling R$ 85.35 billion, according to Interfarma.

But the market grew again, according to Interfarma, with a growth of 11% in 2018, reaching a turnover of R$ 90 billion and with estimates that it could reach R$ 173 billion in 2023, which would place Brazil in fifth position in the world rankings.

Content marketing

In the field of marketing, the new panorama of 2015 led to a new path: content marketing, or simply content marketing. The new way of working, as it presents more efficiency in measurement, has gained prominence in some segments, mainly those linked to food and nutrition. The way of delivering content to opinion leaders has changed, but the basis of the relationship within the pharmaceutical industry continues to be scientific information.

Digital materials and other service provision formats have become part of communication strategies. With a focus on information, the industry began to inform, assist and increasingly engage healthcare professionals. And now, even more so with the use of technology not only in devices, but also in its form of distribution, always focusing on content.

Per Marcel Castilho

The pharmaceutical industry and content marketing