Lead Generation with Google Ads
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The Google Ads It is a very powerful tool, accounting for more than 95% of Google's revenue. One of the characteristics that make it a tremendous success is that the people who click on the ads are already looking for your product or service.

So, for those who need quick results, setting up an ad on Google Ads is a great way to start getting your business rolling. Furthermore, making an account and starting to advertise is a task that can be extremely quick.

But many strategies can be adopted using the tool and one of them is the generation of leads. In this article, we will explore the lead generation with Google Ads.

The search page (SERP)

First, let's remember what Google search pages look like. A SERP – Search Engine Results Page, or search engine results page, is where the results of a specific search typed in the form field of the search engine page appear.

In it, we have the search results divided into paid and organic. In some searches, the top part is dedicated to Google Shopping ads and on the right side, the description of the Google My Business (when we look for a company). Another type of search may result with company addresses above and a description next to it (usually Wikipedia).

In searches where the results do not point to Google Shopping advertisers or company addresses, the basic page shows four ads at the top (or less, if the search term does not have so many companies), the first ten organic results and three ads at the bottom.

As our focus is on paid search, the advertiser will therefore have their ads at the top and bottom of the page. And always remember that you only pay for the ad when it is clicked.

SERP 2020

How Google Sponsored Links Work

Google works by keyword searches (or search term). In fact, the keyword can be an expression, sentence or phrase.

In Google Ads, this term may be being competed for by several companies in an auction, where Google takes into account several criteria, including the maximum bid that the advertiser was willing to pay, the campaign's quality score and the impact of extensions. advertisement used by the advertiser.

Therefore, it is not enough to place a very high bid for your ad to appear prominently. There is an important technical part related to the quality with which the Google Ads panel was assembled.

What is Lead Generation with Google Ads

Contrary to lead generation with Facebook, for example, where you collect leads directly from the platform, the lead generation with Google Ads There will be some steps for its implementation.

Firstly, at the Google Ads campaign level. When creating your Google Ads campaign, you should aim to generate leads. This will make the platform direct your advertising to those advertisers who are more likely to leave your registration and you will have a better chance of reaching your goal.

So, on the other hand, you have to have a form on your landing page for people to fill out – and become leads. There are even several conversion strategies, such as creating a landing page so that lead generation can be done directly.

This is extremely important, since to make the lead generation with Google Ads, there will be no point in taking the website visitor to a page without a form or simply to the Home Page of your website.

Google Ads Campaign Tips

Firstly, it is essential that you know your target audience and your purchasing journey. Create a persona (ideal client), understand their needs and search the Google keyword tool for what they are looking for.

On top of that, choose the keywords of greatest interest and that are in accordance with the stage of the sales funnel. This way, you will have a better chance of getting a good conversion rate.

And as we said, the landing page must be well put together, with images and information that lead the user to their objective: clicking on the action button to generate leads.

And don't forget to constantly evaluate your campaigns. Google Ads works with constant optimizations. This will allow you to have surprising results, taking these leads to the end of your sales funnel.

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Lead Generation with Google Ads
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