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To generate leads with Facebook it gained even more importance with the algorithm changes of social media in 2018. If before, business pages already had some difficulty attracting the attention of their followers organically, now this situation has practically disappeared.

But Mark Zuckerberg's social network continues to be extremely important for digital marketing strategies. In this post we will talk a little more about the importance of Facebook Ads and how you can generate leads with Facebook.

Your Facebook audience is not yours

Firstly, it is very important to highlight that the audience that comes from Facebook belongs to Facebook. But how so? People who like your page can simply disappear from one moment to the next, as the social network's algorithm decides who is there. The biggest example of this concerns the aforementioned algorithm change. Overnight, those hard-earned followers you gained on your page are no longer seeing your posts.

This further increases the need for you to get your social media audience into a conversion situation. In other words, it is essential that you capture leads on your social networks, as this will make this audience yours, instead of belonging to third parties.

Building email list

Capturing leads is an art that requires effort and a well-designed strategy. O inbound marketing is the most appropriate digital marketing strategy to attract and retain your potential customer, using the various digital channels. Including Facebook. You can build your email list from a variety of places using landing pages (capture pages) or forms spread across your website.

The most common strategy, which also included social media, was to drive all traffic to the website. Thus, the visitor would be led to a conversion at one of the capture points, be it one of these pages or a form.

You can (and should) continue using this strategy, but keep in mind that Facebook has become a paid medium. To get your Facebook page posts to work, you must leverage your posts through boosts and use an advertising strategy that attracts your social media audience to your website.

Facebook Ads is a formidable tool

Facebook's ad platform is extraordinary. The targeting power it possesses is unparalleled. Therefore, use and abuse the platform and its features. Mount your persona carefully and study the purchasing journey of your customers. You will also need to set up your sales funnel and target your Facebook ads accordingly.

One of the advantages of advertising on Facebook is the cost. Although increased competition has increased some values, it is still relatively cheap to advertise on social media. And with all the tool's features, you should always think of ways to capture this audience's registration. Using the tool will allow you to segment as much as possible and create personalized lists.

It is important to think that the more segmented and qualified your lead is, the greater the possibility of conversion into sales.

So, let's generate leads with Facebook

Lead Ads is a way to generate leads from Facebook without the audience leaving the social network. The tool allows you to display an ad that, when clicked, displays a registration form with information pre-defined by the advertiser. This form even allows the customization of up to three fields, in addition to the name and email fields.

In addition to the agility for those who use the social network, the tool brings good conversion rates for those who use Facebook on their smartphone. It also allows the user to be converted in fewer clicks, without losing navigation where they were. Another advantage of generating leads with Facebook is getting a more reliable report. It's often a bit of a headache to beat Facebook's numbers with external landing page conversion rates. The tool also allows you to integrate with other software.

How to make

Firstly, you must set up a page Privacy Policies on your website. Privacy policy pages are important for building trust and credibility. In the case of the Facebook Leads Ads tool, using the page is mandatory.

To create the lead campaign, just choose the option in the campaign's marketing objective. It is located in the “Consideration” phase. Note that, when creating ads on Facebook Ads, it separates the objectives into Recognition, Consideration and Conversion, as if it were a funnel.

Screen 1 - How to generate leads with Facebook

Use the audience targeting options in the same way as regular Facebook Ads. Don't forget to agree to the Facebook Lead Ads Terms.

Screen 2 - How to generate leads with Facebook

Create your ad (visual, format and text). The last option will be to create the form. At this point, you will have the option to create a form, or to duplicate one you have already made. That is, of course, if you have already created a Lead Ads campaign.

Screen 3 - How to generate leads with Facebook

You will have form type options and can include questions in it, in addition to customizing the image and text. Don't forget to include the link to your website's privacy policy page. Also include a thank you screen. There, you can also drive traffic to your website, as soon as the visitor finishes filling out the registration form.

Where do leads go

Now that you've started generating leads with Facebook, you need to know how to capture those leads. They must be exported from Facebook. You can access leads in Ads Manager by selecting your lead ad in each of the steps: Campaigns >>> Ad Set.

Screen 4 - How to generate leads with Facebook

By clicking on the number of registrations, you will have a screen to download them, according to the date range, which can be customized. Click download, and you will have the option to download CSV or XLS.

Screen 5 - How to generate leads with Facebook

And ready! You will have a spreadsheet with the data you collected from your form. You can integrate the form with your CRM tool or with digital marketing software, such as RD Station. This way, lead generation will be automatic.

It is very important that you segment your audiences. Therefore, work with different forms. The lead can also be divided according to the Purchase Journey and its position in the sales funnel. This shows how Facebook Ads has important tools for your digital marketing work.

And most important of all. Don't leave the campaign abandoned, simply generating automatic leads. Always evaluate who these leads are and set up your nutrition streams with them, making them move down the sales funnel.

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How to generate leads with Facebook
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