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Have you ever noticed the number of ads from big brands that appear in your news feed? Well, know that they are there thanks to well-designed Facebook Ads strategies. Certainly, these companies achieve a great return on investment — and that is exactly why they continue to make and expand investments.

How about optimizing your company’s ads to start achieving better results?

In this article, we will show you the benefits of using Facebook Ads as a digital marketing strategy. We will also give you 3 tips to improve your use of this platform and some actions that can be taken on it. So, keep reading!

Understand the benefits of using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is Facebook's advertising platform. Over 2.5 billion users, stands out for being one of the most efficient paid media for digital marketing strategies. In fact, this powerful tool allows for a huge variety of formats and segmentation, as well as a high level of ad management and optimization, which favors brand positioning and audience engagement.

Therefore, well-configured and high-quality campaigns have great potential to achieve a great return on your investment. And that's what we'll talk about later.

See how to optimize strategies for Facebook Ads

Like every ad campaign, Facebook Ads presents some important points that need to be well worked on to achieve good results, always taking into account your main objective and the campaign's audience. See some optimizations possible:

1. Improve audience targeting

As we said previously, Facebook Ads has enormous targeting power. This allows you to specify in detail the audience you want to reach. This way, you will be able to create an audience focused on your objective. The tip is to take some time to reflect on where your audience is, what interests and behaviors they have, and other characteristics to create the ideal segmentation for your campaign.

2. Use video ads

Video ads are more attractive and objective. Therefore, they can attract attention in your audience’s news feed. Remember that you only have a few seconds to convince your customer to watch your video until the end. So, be different and create interesting content associated with your brand.

3. Drive audiences to your website

A great strategy for generating hits on your website is to set up Facebook Ads campaigns with this objective. So, if your intention is generate conversions on the website, for example, you can create ads that direct users to the sales page.

To do this, you must create a “website clicks” campaign with a link to the destination URL.

Other purposes of this type of campaign are:

  • generation of leads;
  • directing to a landing page;
  • promotion of e-commerce;
  • dissemination of offers on the website;
  • institutional campaigns.

Lastly, keep in mind that Facebook Ads should be used as a means to transmit relevant content to your audience — and not just a channel to disseminate conventional advertisements. So, focus your efforts on creating attractive content for your customer!

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3 strategies to get better results with Facebook Ads
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