Infographic: digital marketing tools recommended by Vero Contents
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As we already highlighted in our post about digital marketing tools, it is essential that you have knowledge of a series of them. After all, they will help you throughout your journey and in all the battles you will fight in the virtual world. To visually facilitate your planning, we have put together an infographic of digital marketing tools.

In this infographic, we have the most recommended by Vero Contents, which are part of our daily lives. There are several in each segment and, over time, we will post more infographics and articles talking about this subject. So, just keep following our blog and you will be expert in tools.

When creating this Infographic, we intended to make it as simple as possible. We leave the details of each of the tools for other posts and more Infographics.

The five chosen groups

  • automation and marketing: These are the general tools we use here, whose functions are managing digital marketing and relationships via email marketing;
  • Web site: are those tools that are directly associated with our website (there are others, but these are the main ones);
  • Social: social media;
  • traffic/seo: those that are intended to generate traffic and to monitor or analyze the SEO;
  • CRM: sales and relationships.

These are, therefore, the ones we recommend here. As you will notice, we did not include social media, which are tools in themselves, but have broader functions. We could, for example, include Facebook as a traffic generating tool. But, in itself, any social media is a relationship tool, much more than a traffic generation tool. It would, therefore, be a very simplistic way of seeing them.

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Infographic: digital marketing tools recommended by Vero Contents

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