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To be able to do a good digital marketing management, you need to discover ways to use channels efficiently. Email marketing tools help you and your team create fantastic campaigns and achieve your goals.

In today's post, we separate some of the main ones available on the market. What's more, we'll explain the features of each one. Check out!

1. MailChimp

The MailChimp is one of the most famous and popular email marketing tools on the market. In addition, it has free and paid versions and a platform user friendly.

All processes are explained in a simple and direct way. This way, you can easily create a campaign or manage contact lists. And in addition to several ready-made templates for customization, you can also use the editor (drag and drop) for your message.

A big disadvantage (for some) is that it only exists in English. But the tool has a variety of features, such as automation and form integrations. In this way, it becomes an even more complete tool for lean budgets.

2. RD Station

The RD Station is considered the most complete marketing automation platform in Brazil. Additionally, it has a great email marketing tool. Therefore, the message editing and campaign and contact management areas are easy to view and understand.

List segmentation is one of the tool’s strong points. This way, you can send emails to a segmented base and with very practical and easy-to-use automation features.

3. E-goi

Another email marketing tool that deserves to be on our list is the Portuguese one E-goi. There are three types of plans available: unlimited sending (according to the size of your base), monthly sending (monthly fee for a service package) and prepaid (payment per message sent).

The interesting thing about this solution is that, in addition to emails, it also allows sending SMS, voice messages and push notifications. Therefore, it also has extra functionalities that are very practical for smaller marketing budgets.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is another prominent marketing automation platform. In addition to editing and customizing your messages, you can create and host landing pages. With it, you can conquer the dream leads for you sales funnel.

Among its resources we have courses, seminars, guides and infographics. Therefore, it can help you improve the results of your online strategies.

5. IsNotSpam

There is no point in putting in a lot of effort to create your strategy, increase the contact base and create fantastic campaigns, if they do not reach the recipient. A IsNotSpam is one of the powerful email marketing tools available for free.

The tool tests your email address, sending IP and content, informing you of elements that can trigger spam (junk) filters. Therefore, using this information, it becomes much easier to discover and fix errors. This way, your message reaches more potential customers, impacting your sales.

6. OptinMonster

And since we're talking about expanding your contact base to generate leads and acquire customers, we couldn't finish our list of email marketing tools without OptinMonster. With it, you create forms to capture personalized contacts.

This way, it becomes much easier to get to know your personas and targets in depth. Furthermore, it has another fantastic feature, which is Exit-Intent Technology. It detects the behavior of your page visitor and creates special campaigns to convert them.

Therefore, you can use these email marketing tools to benefit your brand and win more and more customers and sales!

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6 Tools that can help you with your email marketing strategy
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