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Using Hashtags is extremely important to increase the reach of your posts and your brand on Instagram, but how do you choose these keywords among so many options?

Firstly, you need to outline a specific purpose for each post. Then, you must use specific hashtag tools to search, choose and monitor these words.

The objective chosen for each post involves establishing the purpose of your post. In other words, if you want to achieve a large reach and more possibilities of likes with it, reach a smaller and more segmented audience or a mix of both. This also depends on the main objective to be achieved with the work of social media management.

To do this, choose between 10 and 15 hashtags. The broader the keyword, the greater its reach. The more selective and specific, the smaller and more qualified the reach will be, as it will reach people who have that specific interest. This is an example of the word “#piso”, currently with 492,453 public posts and “#pisovinilico”, with 89,459 posts.

To find out which tools can help you with this choice, continue reading this text.


The tool searches for information about a specific hashtag, and brings information from a sample of the last two weeks with a maximum number of 1500 posts that contained that hashtag.

The tool brings different types of data. From the total number of posts made with that tag in the selected period, how many users with a business profile made posts with that word, what was the frequency of these posts (timeline), the most recent posts, the top posts, related hashtags and countries where this searched word is most used.

Tag O'Matic

Tag O'Matic is a smartphone application that can make the process of tagging hashtags in Instagram posts much more practical. This is because, with it, you can save lists of favorite hashtags, search for new ones and select them directly in the app. Then, you can click on “share” and paste all the hashtags directly into your post within Instagram.


Finally, one of the best tools for uncovering hashtags on Instagram It's Instagram itself. When writing a hashtag, you can see the number of posts that currently involve that hashtag. Additionally, you can see other variations of that particular word and the number of posts for those variants.

It's also interesting to follow the hashtags that you think are relevant to your business, to get insights into beautiful, creative images that are successful with your audience.

Were these tips relevant to you? Do you know other ways to find interesting hashtags for your posts on social media? Comment on your experience managing posts on Instagram and what other hashtag tools you use!

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The best tools for using hashtags
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