Why worry about mobile campaign formats
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The discussion about the need for companies to adapt their communication actions to mobile campaign formats is growing more and more every day. After all, electronic devices (such as smartphones and tablets) are present at all times in the population's daily lives.

According to the study Google Consumer Barometer, around 62% of Brazilians have their smartphone by their side all day. In other words, they are used for all types of activities, from communication to making purchases.

Therefore, this adaptation to mobile is no longer a trend, but a strategy that directly contributes to increased sales and the growth of a business. Continue reading this article and find out why you should care about this.

What are the advantages of implementing responsive ads?

Generate more business opportunities

Invest in mobile campaign formats segmented and personalized solutions can generate more business opportunities for a company.

This is because around 37% of website accesses come from mobile devices, that is, people are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to access the internet, and this also influences the number of purchases made.

If you run responsive ads, which adapt to these platforms, there is a high chance that they will be viewed and clicked on. This is very important, as it can take your potential client to an advanced stage in the purchasing journey.

Furthermore, campaigns adapted for mobile devices increase your company’s digital presence on the internet. After all, your ads will be visible on computers as well as tablets and smartphones.

Reach a specific target audience

Another important advantage of mobile ads, like most advertising campaigns, is digital marketing, is the possibility of creating well-segmented campaigns to reach a target Audience specific.

Furthermore, it is possible to reach people who are close to your establishment. This is a great opportunity to generate sales, as 82% of people check their cell phones when shopping in an establishment.

As most electronic devices have GPS, it is possible to segment your campaign according to location. This is a very important feature, as it allows you to run a promotion or advertisement close to the point of sale.

Therefore, the chances of people interacting with your campaign, clicking or going to your establishment, are much greater. In addition to helping to bring customers and the company closer together, this can result in increased sales.

Satisfy the customer

If the use of mobile devices grows more every day, it is natural that users prefer to access websites and campaigns that are adapted for this format — that function properly.

If your business runs ads for mobile format and has a responsive website, you will satisfy your customer. They will have more pleasure when making purchases and communicating with your company, as well as confidence in recommending your brand to other consumers.

It is very important to think about customer experience, as he will be able to evaluate your service, creating a positive reputation for your business in the market.

How to optimize mobile campaign formats?

As the majority of users are present in social media At almost all times, it is very important that you invest in developing ads on these platforms.

To optimize them and obtain good results, it is essential to analyze which social media channels your audience is present on. This will get you more clicks, shares and attract even more potential customers.

Also remember to always deliver valuable content. Don't make false promises in your ads and present advantages that are within your business' reach. The important thing is to satisfy your customers.

This way your marketing campaigns will have great results, increasing profits, digital presence and credibility of your company on the internet.

Don’t forget to invest in mobile campaign formats to ensure your company’s growth!

Why should you care about the formats of your mobile campaigns?

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