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Setting up a digital marketing team is a very complex task. What will guide this team assembly is, in fact, the size of the company. Although the demands are increasing, it will be the resources that will dictate the rules.

Furthermore, it is very common for companies' marketing departments to become overloaded. Due to the extremely competitive market, today's marketing professional must have several different knowledge.

Among them, we can highlight digital marketing and its tools. The solution to this is to set up a specific digital marketing team. But how to set up a digital marketing team?

The marketing professional in companies

Every marketing manager is already a multitasker by definition. In addition to dealing with traditional media, which can be in large quantities, depending on the size of the company, the professional also has to meet and interact with suppliers and respond internally in relation to results.

If the company is B2B, we still have to include the events part. B2B companies that don’t participate in events miss out on good business.

Setting up a digital marketing team, in this case, is even a matter of survival.

Digital marketing is a very important arm

Digital marketing can (and should) be used in alignment with all of these actions. It must work alone and in conjunction with other tools, optimizing results and improving customer relationships. Therefore, it must also be worked on in order to position the company as an authority on the subject.

In the post Integrated Marketing Strategies we talk more about integrating digital marketing with other marketing tools.

It is indisputable that a company that does not have a digital presence currently appears to be out of place in the world. Nowadays, any company must have a good website, constant work on social media, blog, email marketing campaigns, and that's just for starters... It must also use tools such as Analytics, paid media such as Adwords, remarketing and banners and links on other sites. This digital presence is a job to be done with a lot of effort, planning and review of results.

Therefore, it is quite reasonable to say that it is necessary to have people within the company who are 100% focused on digital marketing.

Choosing the profile of professionals

If your company is able to absorb a digital marketing team, some very important items must be observed.

Firstly, we believe that the profile of professionals is ahead of their skills. Hiring people with certain characteristics, such as commitment, ease of learning, good attitudes, willingness to learn and ease of relationships is the first step to success. Therefore, putting together a cohesive digital marketing team is the number one objective, and for this the “wearing the shirt” factor is directly linked to being a good co-worker.

Regarding the technical issue, the first knowledge must be in the metrics and analysis part. Being aligned in the planning part is very important right away, when we talk about setting up a team from scratch. And even if the company is looking for a social media analyst or another area, for example, specifically thinking about an immediate need, all professionals must have an analytical vision.

Assembling the digital marketing team

To cover as many areas as possible in digital marketing, consider having at least two dedicated professionals. One of them should be focused on social media and the other on daily tasks such as sending emails, monitoring campaigns and analyzing metrics. If you are going to work with inbound marketing, you will need to have a specific person to generate content.

If we analyze the number of digital marketing tools available on the market today (see our post about digital marketing tools), we can understand the complexity and number of tasks that digital marketing requires.

Therefore, this minimum team has to be increased according to the need. The distribution of tasks will take place according to the evolution of your company's digital marketing.

Look for a trusted partner

Even setting up an internal digital marketing team, it is necessary to have a trustworthy partner. He can be a digital coach (a consultant) or a digital marketing agency. If you have a good digital marketing structure, coaching may be the best way out. He can help evaluate the results and adjust the details that make a difference in the results.

In the case of an agency, you can also choose a specialist in a certain subject, either to complement what you were not able to bring into your structure, or to take over completely. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the partnership and that this partner is 100% efficient and transparent in presenting reports.

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How to set up a digital marketing team in your company

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