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The world we live in is constantly changing and so are traditional processes, especially when we talk about marketing and sales. Despite the efficiency that in-person sales offers to this day, it is still a modality that demands a lot of investment and valuable resources from the business, such as professionals' hourly rate, travel, among others.

Furthermore, unforeseen events with the seller, such as last-minute cancellations, traffic jams and any possibility of delay, can significantly compromise the company's entire sales logistics chain.

Therefore, technology and innovation have provided strategic tools to overcome problems of this type. And also to increase business efficiency through mobility. We are referring to Inside Sales. Continue reading to find out what it is and why the results are more effective!

What is Inside Sales?

We live in a digitalized society in which mobility technologies are increasingly present in our lives. The way we pay bills, make purchases and hire services has changed. So why would the way we make sales be any different?

In short, Inside Sales is the technique of making sales and commercial transactions remotely. In other words, these are sales that are made without the face-to-face contact with the qualified lead. There are those who prefer to define Inside Sales as the virtual sales process, or even cloud sales.

Inside Sales can no longer be considered a rising trend. With the expansion of digital activities, it has become a reality present in companies in the most varied market segments. This is even clearer, mainly because the modern consumer mentality is more receptive to digital commerce.

However, many entrepreneurs still have doubts about how it works, what benefits it can offer companies and what are the ideal scenarios for implementing Inside Sales strategies in the business.

Well, Inside Sales is directly linked to concepts such as Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing, since one of its definitions is “selling from within the company”. In other words, instead of going into the field, you need to attract customers to the brand.

What are the benefits that Inside Sales brings to companies?

Lower customer acquisition cost

Among the benefits that Inside Sales has to offer to companies, savings in customer acquisition can be considered one of the main ones, as it does not require logistical costs such as transportation, vehicle maintenance, hosting sellers, fuel, etc.

The fact that the customer resides geographically far from the company does not represent any threat to the business. Just have one well-structured website and tools that enable commercial transactions in a practical, intuitive and efficient way.

Social media management

The best way to ensure that your Inside Sales strategies work correctly is to be present in the digital sphere. For this, there is nothing better than investing in social media management.

Any company that wants to remain competitive today knows that having a relationship with the customer is very important. Furthermore, it is one of the biggest benefits that social media has to offer the business world.

What is the relationship between Inside Sales and Inbound Marketing? 

It is no coincidence that the Inbound Marketing It is a strategy that has been implemented in companies around the world and has gained ground in different market segments.

The production of useful and relevant content for the target audience of a given enterprise is capable of increasing prospecting power exponentially, at much lower costs. In addition to generating engagement between the customer and the company.

Content marketing is responsible for attracting, engaging, converting and even making customers loyal to the brand. Not to mention that its potential reach is almost incalculable, due to the collaborative culture of knowledge sharing that social networks promote.

An Inside Sales strategy aligned with content marketing tools is capable of greatly increasing your conversion rates, in addition to reducing your customer acquisition costs!

Still have questions about how Inside Sales can bring more effective results to your business? Then contact Contact us so we can help!

Inside Sales: find out what it is and why it brings more effective results

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