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Anyone who works in the marketing area knows how busy the routine is and suffers from the constant pressure for results. In other words, these professionals must always be up to date, follow market trends and know the benefits of investing in more efficient processes.

In this sense, the future of marketing is directly linked to the web. And that's where the Inbound Marketing and the digital content strategies become powerful tools. Many companies significantly increased their sales by investing in actions like these. Given this scenario, the Internet of Things — or Internet of Things (IoT) — is already a reality.

This innovative technology is infinitely changing the behavior of brands. And it can help you optimize your time, have greater agility to develop actions, solve problems and achieve determined goals. Did you like the possibilities? So, keep reading this post to learn more about this trend!

What is the Internet of Things?

First of all, IoT is an immense technological revolution. It allows any device with an on/off switch to be connected to the internet. In this way, physical objects (or things) used in everyday life can exchange information with each other and with people, being accessed through the web, on computers and smartphones.

What are your goals?

The increasing time constraints and stressful routines will make people connect to the internet more frequently. Even those who don't usually expose themselves much on social media use the platform to keep in touch with people in their circle of friends or professionals. The main objective of the Internet of Things is to collect information about your lives and use it intelligently.

What are its applications?

Currently, it is possible to accumulate data on the movement of the human body with incredible precision. And there are already countless connected objects, such as cars, elevators, refrigerators and glasses. Furthermore, monitoring and managing devices allows you to improve quality of life, increase the efficiency of systems and processes, enable new services, optimize and save natural and energy resources, among countless other benefits.

What are your advantages in marketing?

IoT makes it possible for you to obtain real-time consumer insights to optimize results. For example, when your potential customer approaches a sales point your company, you may receive a message reminding you to purchase one of their products. This means that promotional campaigns can be more specific and personalized. Consequently, there is an increase in conversion of leads, which leads to the achievement of sales goals.

What are the actions of the Federal Government?

With the aim of promoting the growth of this innovative technology in the country, the Federal Government created the National Internet of Things Plan. In addition, a public consultation was held in order to receive subsidies for the construction of this project.

The results will be discussed by the Internet of Things Chamber. Therefore, the suggestions sent will help to build a national policy with specific actions for the development of the IoT market in Brazil by 2022.

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Internet of Things: why keep an eye on this trend?

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