how to prospect customers using digital marketing
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A customer prospecting is part of the sales process and is a step in the funnel, with the aim of contacting potential customers. In the current market, those who don't prospect end up having problems. After all, gone are the days when indications were sufficient to meet companies' needs.

In this context, the digital marketing has become a powerful tool not only for advertising, but mainly for sales, enabling measuring results and real-time adjustments.

In this post we will talk about how digital marketing can help customer prospecting and how your company can grow by setting up efficient prospecting processes.

Challenges in prospecting customers

One of the biggest challenges is predicting sales demand, especially in businesses where sales and marketing teams have a passive role in the processes. Even if the business has recurring revenue, the coming and going of customers can be another influencing factor. Therefore, the only safe way to collect is to customer prospecting.

Several challenges are involved in this prospecting process, starting with a lack of time and ending with the fear of client rejection. This is where the importance of digital marketing comes into play in the process of customer prospecting, with the generation and qualification of leads from marketing to sales.

Digital marketing in the sales process

But then, how to use digital marketing in the sales process?

Firstly, you must understand what your customer wants. What does your business have to solve that particular problem or pain point for your customer? What are the benefits that your business can bring to the customer?

Carry out research, talk to your current customers, carry out searches on competitors and create a strategy based on this information. With this information in hand, you can start putting together processes (including automated ones) to attract customers to you.

How the attraction process works

As we are talking about digital marketing, the best way to prospect customers is to attract them to you. There are active ways to reach your customers, using platforms like LinkedIn, if your business is B2B. Even so, the most efficient way is to make your customer find you.

The first step is to set up a corporate blog. At this point, marketing and sales must be aligned, so that the customer's pain points are understood and the main objections are raised. One of the functions of the blog, in fact, is to break down these objections, so that the sales team does not waste time arguing with potential customers.

The creation of the blog will take into account the strategies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it's from SEM (Search Engine Marketing), with the aim of bringing traffic from prospects to the website. This includes good work on social media and paid media, using various digital marketing tools.

Thus, with an efficient lead generation strategy, it is possible to set up a horizontal and permanent prospecting process, with qualification of the leads generated, which inbound marketing. This way, the sales team will not waste time on cold contacts with few results.

Integrating marketing and sales

An essential point of the lead generation process for customer prospecting it will be integration between the teams. O inbound marketing is the attraction strategy that, combined with inside sales, brings very expressive results.

The lead that arrives through marketing must be qualified and delivered to the sales team, which will complete the deal. This entire process must be determined between the teams, aligned and adjusted constantly.

This is a crucial point, and it is very common for this integration not to occur, damaging all inbound marketing work, with bad consequences for the cost of customer acquisition. But if the process is well defined and reviewed frequently, the results will be excellent and the company will have digital marketing as a great ally in its customer prospecting.

Prospecting customers using digital marketing