SEO metrics for attracting leads
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Gaining leads on the internet is the gateway to successful e-commerce. For this, the attraction in leads with SEO It is a highly recommended technique.

When it comes to content optimization, SEO tips are the main guides to becoming relevant on the internet.

It is necessary to pay attention to certain elements of pages and websites so that it is possible to achieve good positioning in search results.

We have prepared this text for you to know:

  • What is SEO;
  • How to apply the strategies;
  • Benefits of the application;
  • In which businesses to use them;
  • What is lead generation and how to use SEO.

That said, continue reading to access this knowledge.

What is SEO?

“SEO” is an acronym in English that identifies content optimization strategies for search engines.

Page ranking on Google is not arbitrary. It is based on specific characteristics that Google tracks and analyzes to check the relevance of the published content.

Who follows the SEO rules to promote a service in a residential alarm company, for example, reaches more audiences, and most importantly, keeps leads better informed.

Considering that Google is one of the main search engines on the web, investing in good positioning on it is a big differentiator.

How to use SEO strategies

Measures related to SEO must be applied with method and planning. 

Therefore, follow the main strategies and understand how to apply them in the most appropriate way.

Search keywords

Keywords are terms with high search volume on search platforms.

Anyone who proposes to produce content on any topic You should first research what are the most searched words on this subject.

Once you have done your research, use the terms in the title and body of the text, but in a balanced way.

The meta description and tags must also contain the keywords. Thus, whoever carries out the search will come across the content. 

Invest in qualified content

We have reached the main objective of producing content on the internet: offering quality information.

A company You have to make posts available that demonstrate how the product can solve certain problems that affect the lives of interested people.

The relevance of the production is also taken into account by Google's algorithms.

Therefore, dedicate yourself to bringing materials that have a positive impact on the lives of leads and customers in general. 

Think about web design

A company's website It will be the leads’ first contact with her. So, meet with a Web designer and discuss the aesthetic and operational possibilities of the site.

It is important that the loading time is short and the navigability is abundant.

Why is SEO beneficial?

Having high visibility on the web sometimes requires significant investments. However, SEO tips do not require a lot of capital to be applied.

With careful planning and a qualified team, a company at the beginning of your career you can reach the top positions.

Pages that appear in the top spots have more organic traffic. Once the first attraction materializes, the SEO strategy has to evolve to keep leads browsing.

As potential customers access more information about the product or service offered, the chances of conversion increase exponentially.

Additionally, producing optimized content helps build brand authority. For example, a wellness blog You can leverage your content by working on SEO using targeted posts.

Another important advantage is that, once the content is published, it continues to rank on Google indefinitely, even without further direct investment.

To ensure this longevity, work on internal and external linking practices in your posts. 

This means users spend more time on the website and can learn about your brand through partner companies.

When to use SEO?

Considering the fact that it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money to invest in SEO, this set of strategies is suitable for both small and large companies.

The important thing is that those responsible for the enterprise are interested in increasing the virtual image of the business.

If the company If you don't have the budget to run paid ads, content production is a great option.

All you need is qualified writers and taking advantage of the possibilities of social networks to promote content marketing.

Lead generation and SEO: complementary concepts

One of the biggest challenges of digital marketing is attracting and keeping people’s attention.

Internet users are exposed to a multitude of ads day after day, and converting them into customers demands more than views without interaction.

To generate leads is to catch the attention of users in such a way that they become potential customers of the brand.

This generation is a specific process that can benefit from the use of SEO metrics. Therefore, learn about these metrics by following the topics below.

Organic visits

The number of organic visits is one of the most essential data when evaluating the effectiveness of SEO strategies.

This metric indicates how many visits a page had in a previously defined time interval.

It is important data because it indicates how many times the content served sparked engagement.

However, remember that the same lead can visit the page more than once, so organic visits are not synonymous with reach.

Keywords: your ranking

Every keyword chosen to optimize content needs to have its performance checked periodically.

This includes using words from the same thematic axis and studying the strategies that competitors are using.

There are dedicated tools for carrying out this measurement, such as Google Keyword Planner, WebCEO and Semrush.

Don't forget that choosing keywords is essential to reaching the desired audience.

Which doesn't necessarily mean betting on the most popular terms. If the company If you want to segment customers, it is recommended to choose less searched terms.


Finally, the backlinks These are links used throughout a text to bring additional information to the reader.

As already mentioned in this text, they can be internal or external links.

The important thing is that they enrich navigation and keep the lead interested in the topics covered.

The number of internal and external links are essential to achieve a good ranking in search engines, as they indicate that the page is relevant.

Source of leads

In the same way that ad campaigns benefit from geographic targeting, so does lead generation.

Find out where your leads are coming from using Google Analytics. Using this tool, you can check which are the most promising regions for your business, and then target content directly to them.

Producing specific material is a great strategy for reaching smaller niches in a different way.

Landing Pages

Find out which pages leads are contacting your website through. This way, you can work to position the most popular pages.

It may be that ads on Google Ads are your biggest source of conversions or specific posts on the blog linked to the website.

Whatever the case, have this information to optimize the content that has the greatest chance of generating leads.

Sales characteristics

Those who have online stores need to know in depth the metrics related to e-commerce sales.

The total number of orders in a certain period is useful for identifying the company's revenue.

The average ticket is a metric that corresponds to the average spending of each customer in your store. 

It is interesting to know which customers are the most frequent and think about personalized service for them.

The conversion rate indicates how many leads are converted in relation to the total number of visits to the website.

With this organized and accessible data, you have the means to develop strategies aimed at specific objectives.

Final considerations

In this text we provide the definition of SEO, the main strategies related to this concept, its benefits and how it can be integrated into lead generation.

These are highly versatile and effective strategies for disseminating content and gaining visibility for companies and brands.

Be aware of the characteristics of your target audience to produce materials that are really interesting to them.

Form a team of experienced writers, who have knowledge of digital marketing and command of the Portuguese language.

Content marketing is extremely effective when applied well. The text has all the information necessary to start making this investment.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Business Connection, where you can find hundreds of informative content about different segments.

How to apply SEO metrics to attract leads
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