Big Data and Property Sales
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Check out the biggest transformations driven by technology in the real estate sector

Whether selling or renting a property, it is essential to present as much information as possible about it, such as location, number of rooms, conditions for negotiations, etc. Thus, as the broker collects important data about the potential client, he will be able to indicate options that are more suited to demand.

But, currently, the biggest challenge is actually optimizing the decision-making process of an enterprise through a wide variety and availability of information. To this end, there is a short and simple answer: big data.

In short, the term involves the collection, processing and verification of a large volume of data that is often available in most companies around the world.
Do you want to discover how this technological resource can transform the real estate scenario? So, follow us and learn more about this tool.

The importance of data

Above all, decision-making based on data that makes sense for your business is an excellent way to achieve the desired results, understand the profile and behavior of your target audience and, consequently, ensure that you stand out among the competition.

This pile of data and information that maps the identification of business risks and opportunities by companies is known as Big data.

A digitalized world

We can no longer ignore it: technology has completely changed the way we look for solutions to our problems. And all current online habits such as buying, interacting, making transfers, watching films and seeking knowledge act as “bait” – so that some algorithms identify our behaviors, preferences and all the ways we browse and make this information relevant to the study of Marketplace.

The relationship of Big Data with the transformation of the real estate market

Specifically in the real estate scenario, the adoption of Big data can open up an incredible source of information about potential clients. This is because anyone who works with properties for sale knows how valuable information about interested parties is to segment the potential customer's experience and offer them exactly what they are looking for.

Discover below some ways to use this technology to benefit your business

Analysis of risks and opportunities

Technology can predict and anticipate some consumption trends based on a combination of information collected in the past and present to help your real estate agency or developer analyze the risks and opportunities offered by the scenario.


Using Big Data, it is possible to identify and understand what consumer behavior you want buy an apartment in Jardim Paulista, from this, enable and anticipate solutions to resolve possible problems. To achieve this, it is possible to apply some strategies such as, for example, personalized shopping experience and pricing.

Assertive decisions

With the information made available by Big Data, together with the observations made after its analysis, it is possible to guarantee, both for you or your business and for your client, the best possible decision-making. After all, you will not close a risky deal and the interested party will find exactly what they are looking for.

How to start using Big Data?

Social media

These tools provide direct contact with the public and are great ways to facilitate the identification of your persona's profile and behavior.

Google Analytics

If your real estate agency has a website, Google Analytics is the tool that provides various information about its users such as length of stay, most opened tabs, most searched keywords, etc.

Anyway, did you enjoy learning more about the changes generated by Big Data in the real estate sector? If this article was relevant to you, enjoy and share it on your social networks. Certainly, this information can be very useful, not only for people who are part of the real estate market, but also for users who are interested in technology and want to always be up to date with the biggest news in this universe.

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Big Data and property sales: changes in the sector
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