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Have a system of CRM in the company it is very important to manage day-to-day processes. This software works not only to communicate with the external public, but also to organize the work of the internal team.

With the pandemic, thousands of companies had to release their employees to work from home. This meant that management tools played a fundamental role in organizing tasks.

On the other hand, with most people only consuming online, the e-commerce had a surprising increase in sales. With thousands of accesses to a portal, and more demanding customers, companies were forced to invest in a good CRM system. Without it, the chances of losing customers to competitors only increase

How does the CRM system add value to the company?

A CRM system offers several benefits for any company or segment. As an example, we can mention the use of CRM for franchise expansion. Through software, it is much simpler to better manage the store network.

The tool can automatically generate various reports on numerous topics. They include sales volume, ranking of the best sellers, which region offers the highest return, expenses in each operation, among others. This way, franchisees have the necessary data to carry out the best strategies.

This organization has an immediate benefit: increased sales. After all, CRM presents a complete sales funnel that is very easy to manage. Just check which stage of the purchasing journey the customer is at and see what they need. Whether to finalize the sale, or to help them learn more about the product or service.

How to win these leads?

An e-commerce, whether from a franchise network or an independent entrepreneur, needs to attract potential customers. Also known by the name of leads, these people show an interest in a particular company’s solution

There is a way to capture them through a website and with the support of messaging applications and social media. To do this, the company simply needs to integrate CRM and these platforms.

This way, as soon as this customer sends a message to the company's messaging application, for example, the CRM system automatically registers you as a new lead.

This allows the company, in addition to viewing this potential customer in the sales funnel, to enter relevant data about them in the lead card.

You can register your phone number, email address, position in the company and much more. Furthermore, the entire interaction between the customer and the company remains recorded and can be accessed whenever necessary.

Better customer relationships

CRM also serves as an excellent relationship management system. Today, the sales process is very different. You need to connect on another level with the customer. He needs to have confidence and identify with the company. Otherwise, he will end up looking for the competitor.

A CRM system allows a company to interact with its customers in a much more dynamic way. If an e-commerce, for example, receives messages via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, this is not a challenge.

After all, the company that uses a CRM receives all these messages in a single inbox. This way, she has the opportunity to respond to each one immediately, without the need to jump from one application to another.

If a team has several people, the system automatically presents the new message notification only to the employee who was already talking to that customer.


Having a CRM system to help manage a website and a company's internal processes is a competitive advantage for any business. The platform allows entrepreneurs to get to know their customers better. This closer relationship is vital for new successful marketing strategies to be created.

In such a competitive market, amid an uncertain economic scenario, having a platform like this is almost a matter of survival for any company.

Main areas that a CRM system is capable of managing in the management area for your website
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