Tips on how to apply content marketing
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Investments in content marketing in business, they are essential to increase prominence, strengthen the image in the digital universe and achieve good revenue, as potential customers can be contacted with quality and at a lower cost.

Credibility, popularity and success in the business market and with the public are conditions that every entrepreneur, regardless of the segment they wish to operate in, must have.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a customer attraction strategy aimed at engaging and lead growth (potential customers) by creating interesting and relevant content, so that these can be converted into real sales.

In addition to acting in relations with the public, attracting leads and generating value for people are ways of creating a positive image of the company in the public's imagination, something that can yield excellent business opportunities.

With the growth of technology and access to the internet, people have gained more power of choice and ways of responding to this, however, the opportunities to reach different audiences have also expanded, as long as good strategies are drawn up.

In this way, investments in content marketing can yield promising results, with satisfied customers and the company with more business opportunities, as it can reach even more people.

A positive point of this strategy is that it can be applied to different businesses, from a 24-hour pest control even large multinationals.

Content marketing is a great strategy for generating more organic traffic for your business and relying less and less on media to attract the public. 

However, as it is an organic action, it is necessary to have consistency and quality in the strategies, as well as constant work and time for the results to be felt even better.

To put it into practice, you need to consider that content marketing is a strategy divided into five steps that consist of:

  • Marketing planning;
  • Creation of persona (representation of the ideal customer);
  • Preparation of content;
  • Distribution and promotion in communication channels;
  • Measuring results.

After carrying out these processes, new measures can be adopted, as well as improvements and reproductions can be made.

Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing It is a fundamental digital marketing strategy. Content marketing and inbound, together, can help create quality content and attract, retain and convert customers.

In fact, it is worth highlighting that content marketing is an “arm” of inbound marketing, which is a strategy that can also be expanded to other actions to attract the public in a more discreet way, making them turn to the brand naturally. .

Basically, the Inbound Marketing It is a strategy that aims to capture the public's interest in a non-invasive way, something different from traditional marketing carried out by the media, where advertisements are shown aggressively.

Therefore, with inbound, the customer seeks out the company voluntarily, or finds it because of content related to the area that was produced. Therefore, this strategy is popularly known as attraction marketing.

The inbound marketing process involves the stages of attraction, conversion, sales and the enchantment that generates loyalty.

Advantages of content marketing in business

Some entrepreneurs may wonder about investing in this strategy, whether it is really worth it for companies.

For this reason, it is necessary to first understand the real need of the business, the objectives of the campaigns, the target audience and the possible constancy to identify the best marketing tool to increase success.

Despite this, regardless of the established actions, there are many gains that can be achieved through content marketing, the main ones being:

  1. Reduces marketing cost

Traditional marketing actions in the most diverse media have a high cost and, in fact, the results may not occur as planned. 

Content marketing, for example, is a strategy that demands care and constant review of information and content updating, but on the other hand, it has a low cost and manages to attract people who are really interested in that topic, having a greater predisposition to carry out the purchase.

The content development process can be carried out by the company's marketing professionals or the entrepreneur/businessman can choose to hire communication agencies to take care of the business's blog, website and social networks.

However, the professional himself can develop techniques to feed communication networks with the public. It is worth noting, however, that some specialized practices need to be applied for inbound to have results. 

  1. Educates the public and the market

The people who form your company's target audience often do not understand the market in which you operate and the real differentiators/applications of the products.

Content creation is very important to clarify doubts. Therefore, it is essential to create enlightening content that contains information that helps to understand the services and pain points, as well as that contributes to making purchasing decisions.

Content marketing can, for example, help to publicize a medical appointment, showing the public the importance of health care, or even providing more diverse information on the topic, so that the public understands the need to carry out certain tests.

  1. Improves business visibility

A positive point of the content marketing strategy is the strengthening of the company or brand's image, making the public really know about the products and services offered.

The more knowledge about a brand or company, the more confident people become and this increases purchasing opportunities. 

This is a differentiator in content marketing, in addition to creating a preference on the part of the public who will choose your business, thanks to their familiarity with the content.

  1. Increases website traffic

Before making a purchase or hiring a service, individuals often use Google to search for information and prices. 

Considering this fact, investing in the production of relevant content is an excellent way to get your website on the first page of the search engine and gain new customers.

  1. Boosts sales

When thinking about content marketing, it is natural to relate it to increased sales, thanks to attracting consumers who are looking for effective solutions.

These are just some of the many advantages that can be enjoyed when investing in content marketing.

Content Marketing Tips for Business Success

Understanding the relevance of the strategy, developing a plan and having experienced professionals to implement content marketing is important for the full development of the business and a good positioning in the market.

For this to be possible, some good practices are necessary, enabling greater channel reach, the main tips being:

  1. Bet on different channels to promote content

Diversity of channels is something very popular in digital marketing, as it increases access and knowledge about your work. 

An office accounting, for example, you can use email, blog, website and social networks to increase sales opportunities for your services, with more chances for the persona to see your content and, thus, become interested in the work.

  1. Create content for different stages of the sales funnel

Efficient management of the sales funnel is very important to increase conversion and profits. 

Content marketing strategies need to be designed considering the stages at which leads are in the funnel.

Therefore, it is necessary to diversify the materials to reach those who are looking for a solution to a problem, those who already know the available solutions and are deciding which option to use, and those who do not even recognize that they may need a certain service.

  1. Use SEO

Search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo are widely used to find solutions available on the internet.

Therefore, companies need to be easily found by these users and those that make good use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can have an excellent ranking and improve organic traffic, positioning themselves against the competition.

This SEO tip can be used in different areas and in a simple way. Thinking strategically about keywords, for example, is a way to increase popularity.

Consider that a customer is looking for an air conditioner to install in their home and, for this to be done with quality and safety, they need specific materials that will guarantee the device's functioning. 

In this context, a simple search regarding the price of copper piping for air conditioning, for example, it can lead the user to find your company and opt for the items and services offered.

  1. Don't leave email aside

Many people have the habit of checking their emails daily, and this can be an excellent strategy for putting email marketing into practice, showing content and offers and valuable content that enriches the relationship with this user.

With personalized content, leads will be more willing to become customers, or to resume purchasing with the company, in addition to being satisfied due to the optimization of time.

  1. Track results with metrics

An interesting point about content marketing is the diversity of tools available that help professionals verify the efficiency/results of the content developed.

This analysis process is very important to understand what is working or not, changes that can be made to improve processes and, thus, maintain a quality standard in marketing strategies.

The use of tools to measure results is extremely relevant, optimizing time and helping to meet the team’s demands.

  1. Regularity in publications

Relevant content is very important for the sales of products and services, but it is of no use if there is no consistency. 

Therefore, publishing on social networks and blogs periodically is essential for the public to trust the company, in addition to having the opportunity to check whether the company is fulfilling what it promises and is specialized in the sector in which it operates – adding trust.

Betting on different content can help in this process. The most used are:

  • Articles;
  • Success stories;
  • E-books;
  • Interviews;
  • Guides;
  • Infographics;
  • Researches;
  • Webinars;
  • Videos.

These are just a few examples that can be used by integral protection units and sustainable use units and various companies to increase sales and retain customers, offering the best solutions with quality products and services.

Content marketing is a strategy to strengthen a business's image online, improve sales and credibility.

This action can be applied to businesses in different segments, helping to sell products from any segment, thanks to the power of content.

Therefore, investing in this strategy is the way to obtain profits, success and new business opportunities, with partnerships that can consolidate your business in the chosen area of activity.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Business Connection, where you can find hundreds of informative content about different segments.

Tips on how to apply content marketing
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