How to set up a low-cost online store
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If you have few products and a limited budget to set up your Virtual store, Do not freak out. There are several ways to put your products on the web. Assemble a low cost online store It’s not impossible, and in this post we’ll give you some tips.

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First step: knowing where to go

Do you work in a specific niche? If not, know that segmentation is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself and appear. But what is the point of choosing a low-cost niche? The question is simple. If you have a lot of competition, you will have to invest a lot in marketing, in addition to offering discounts and coupons immediately. Maybe you don't have the stamina to face the competition for a long time.

So, think carefully about whether it is better to sell niche products than to open a store that will be just one among many others. One low cost online store You can be successful from the start if you know exactly who you are selling to.

Second step: plan to know where to set up the store

There is no project, especially on the internet, without planning. Even if it's a small project, it's important to plan and know where to go. And it would be terrible to put your product on the web, have it fail and have to start again. After all, one of the main points of an online store is credibility.

Therefore, to know how to set up the store, you must first know how many products you are going to put up for sale. Are there just a few products? Less than fifty, for example? In this case, you can choose to set up a store on Facebook and Instagram Shopping, without the need to pay a monthly fee or fall into complex configurations.

But if you already have a slightly larger quantity of products, it's worth setting up a store using some platforms, with the Integrated Store, which offers cheap monthly fees, based on the number of products and visits to your website.

Third step: do tests

There is a phrase that fits perfectly for those just starting out: “done is better than perfect”. The web allows us to carry out tests. As you will be working with leaner platforms, choose a simpler layout and make changes according to test results.

Also test the products. One low cost online store it can have a good variety and even a flagship. Note that here it is also very important not to go overboard when assembling stocks. If the products fail, you will have a big problem on your hands.

It is very easy to carry out tests at this stage, as the investments were smaller and the impacts of possible errors made will be smaller. A basic and well-tested start can evolve into a safer and more assertive online store in the future, when there is money for larger investments.

Fourth step: work the media well

The Google Ads is essential for anyone sell online. Just understand that the customer goes through a Purchase Journey and he may be passing by your site just to search. Therefore, work Google Ads together with social media. In addition to acquiring traffic to the website, you can (and should) establish a dialogue channel with your client, understanding what they need and where you fit into their preferences.

Integrated digital marketing enhances results.

Step Five: Hire a good partner

There are several steps you will need to follow that can be easier if you find the right partner. From the website setup part, to the creation of website arts and banners, through social media and paid media, you may need a partner from the beginning.

The important thing here is to find someone who understands the moment you are in and is willing to grow with you. Many great businesses started small. Therefore, flexibility is essential at this time when you are investing that hard-earned money that you have saved.

If you want to speak to a virtual store specialist, Vero Contents can help you. We have solutions for all sizes, from small to giant.

How to set up a low-cost online store