Mistakes that can destroy a Google Adwords campaign
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Google's ad platform allows businesses to show their ads at a time when users are searching for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. It turns out that being successful with a Google Ads (or Adwords) campaign is not that simple.

There are people who still make serious mistakes when setting up a campaign. At the end of the day, they can greatly compromise the result and the return on investment made by the company. To avoid falling into this trap, check out how Google Adwords works and the 5 mistakes you should avoid!

Google Adwords Basics

Google's advertising tool is based on key words that users type in the search field. In other words, the advertiser can choose which words he wants to advertise for, and thus, every time that term is searched, his ad has a chance to be displayed.

This display of ads is based on an auction system. Each company that wants to advertise for that keyword tells the platform the maximum amount they are willing to pay. Based on the values present in the auction and its algorithm, the tool decides which ads it will display. The payment model can vary per click, per thousand impressions or per conversion.

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Most common mistakes in Google Adwords

1. Choosing the wrong keywords

If we are saying that the tool is based on keywords to determine the display of ads, it means that they are the crucial point of any Google Adwords campaign. Therefore, pay close attention when choosing the terms to advertise.

Starting with more focused words is ideal, preferably those that have the most to do with your ad. And also those that are directly related to the moment of user purchasing journey that you want to achieve.

2. Work display and search network together

It is very common for companies to want to make the most of Google Adwords to promote their products and services in as many ways as possible. After all, the more the brand can appear, the greater the chances of conversion and success.

That's really how you should think, but in practice it's not good to mix ads from the search network and the display network in the same campaign. This is because the CTR measurement for each of them is different and this will impact the way you analyze and optimize your campaigns.

3. Not setting up remarketing

Remarketing — or retargeting — is one of the resources most used by those who invest in Google Adwords. After all, it allows you to re-impact users who have already visited your website and try to reconvert them. Before you ask: yes, many users forget about this possibility.

This function allows you to greatly increase the conversions of your campaigns at a relatively low cost. It's just worth remembering that remarketing works when it's not exaggerated.

4. Put it on air and then abandon it

Anyone who believes that all they need to do is correctly configure their Google Adwords campaign for the first time and the tool will do the rest on its own. This is one of the most common mistakes we find in the market: companies that do everything right but abandon it after the ads go live.

To achieve results with Google Adwords, it is essential to closely monitor how each ad is behaving. Every two or three days, therefore, it is important to access the platform to carry out this analysis and possible improvements. Otherwise, you will lose money.

5. Investing little and expecting a lot

Finally, the mistake made by those who think that digital marketing is magic... Far from it, the return obtained by a Google Ads campaign is proportional to the amount invested. Of course, it can be very advantageous, sometimes up to three or four times greater than the amount invested, but in no way will it be disproportionate. Therefore, if you are going to invest R$ 50 in a campaign, don't expect it to bring you a return of R$ 500 thousand.

Furthermore, you must know how to calculate the conversion rate in your business to analyze how much it is worth investing. And also calculate your average ticket, in order to understand how much return on investment you will have on Google Ads.

Avoid making these mistakes in your next Google Adwords (or Ads) campaign and the results generated for your company will be very satisfactory. Help other entrepreneurs not to make these same mistakes: share this content on your social networks!

Discover the mistakes that can destroy a Google Adwords campaign
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