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The remarketing and the retargeting These are two extremely powerful and important resources. After all, one of the principles of advertising is frequency. And that’s where remarketing and retargeting come in.

So, if digital marketing already allows us segmentation, adjustments, personalization and other important differences, imagine that you can show advertising again to those who have already been interested in a product or service. This is what remarketing and retargeting are all about.

Thus, remarketing and retargeting consist of capturing back that visitor who visited your website and then left it. To do this, lists are used that can be used in email campaigns or various advertisements for your services/products on other websites or social media that are presented again to your prospect or customer.

How remarketing works

It is very common to confuse remarketing and retargeting. Most of the time you will see the concept of remarketing serving all actions to re-engage people who have already shown interest in your brand or product. Google itself treats it this way, although remarketing specifically deals with email marketing actions.

Much more important than the nomenclatures, it is essential to understand what the strategies are about. This will make a difference in your digital marketing.

That said, we apply the remarketing strategy to email marketing actions that reactivate customers, leading them to take a specific action. An example of this is cart abandonment emails in virtual stores, used to increase the sales conversion rate. Another use could be a promotion or discount coupon for those who entered a store and then left without making any purchases.

To use the strategy, it is important to have good planning to map leads and their purchasing journey. This is because remarketing uses the list system, just like in email marketing campaigns.

These lists separate website visitors according to the action taken, such as:

  • Visitor who downloaded an e-book;
  • Who signed up to a list to receive newsletters;
  • Customer who purchased more than X in your online store;
  • Shopping cart abandonment.

However, it is important to use remarketing carefully, respecting privacy policies and ensuring that users have the option to opt out of personalized ads if they wish. Additionally, it is critical to properly target remarketing campaigns to ensure ads are relevant and tailored to each target audience.

What is retargeting and how does it work?

We already understand much of the concept of remarketing. And the principle of retargeting is very similar to remarketing. Therefore, the function is to show your product or service again to a person who has shown interest. The difference is that in remarketing you already have your customer's registration and personalize advertising through email marketing.

In retargeting, through the technology of Cookies, the website the user visited can “see” who you are in the navigation. So, if that site is part of a list of partner sites for the retargeting tool, it will display your ads to that visitor.

This also happens with social media. Currently, the integration of applications, for example (let's mention WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook here), allows retargeting to be carried out using access from all three platforms.

It creates the feeling that the web is very much in line with our preferences. Therefore, it is a focused and extremely functional strategy to re-attract visitors who left without converting or purchasing.

Thus, retargeting can be carried out across different advertising channels, including display networks such as the Google Display Network, social networks such as Facebook Ads, or even mobile applications. By showing personalized ads to people who have already expressed interest in your brand, you increase the chances of regaining their attention, reminding them of your product or service, and encouraging them to return to your website to complete a purchase or desired action.

It is important to highlight that, as with remarketing, it is essential to use retargeting responsibly and in compliance with privacy policies. Users should have the option to opt out of personalized ads if they wish, and targeting should be done appropriately to ensure the relevance of the ads served.

Advantages of remarketing and retargeting

Widely used in e-commerce, remarketing and retargeting strategies, especially if worked together, bring a significant increase in conversion rates.

If we consider that only around 1% of a website's visitors become customers, making a retargeting strategy efficient is crucial to optimizing CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and improving ROI (Return on Investment).

And remarketing is no different. You can attract a registered lead, who has not yet become a customer, through specific promotions based on their preferences. Likewise, you can retain a customer and make them buy again with cross-sell, for example.

And you can do remarketing using ads from Google Ads. You can upload a list of customers, for example, and even choose similar targets for Google Ads by adding them to an ad group or campaign.

Furthermore, the Facebook It also allows you to do remarketing, which makes advertising on this social media even more efficient.

What's more: the remarketing ad is even more effective because it can be much more personalized, in addition to allowing you to counter objections that made the visitor leave your website.

Therefore, both actions allow for better segmentation, personalization of the message, increased customer loyalty and retention and conversion rates.

In short

Therefore, remarketing and retargeting allow you to:

  • Reduce the cost per lead;
  • Increase the return on investment (ROI) of your campaign;
  • Improve CAC;
  • Bring back those who forgot what your website (or blog) was;
  • Segment a list of leads, which can be used exclusively in remarketing;
  • Break down objections to your product/service.

Always remember to include remarketing and retargeting in your strategies. It is a very important tool to bring back your visitor and make him a customer.

What is remarketing and retargeting
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