Transition Words for SEO
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To the transition words are important in any language. After all, they help the text make more sense, creating connections and improving its structure.

But on the web, transition words have an additional function. In SEO, there is a very important concept, that of readability. And transition words, connecting ideas, help make the text more readable. Therefore, they are essential for good SEO text.

In this post, we will explain what transition words are and how to use them in your text for web. Check out!

After all, what are transition words?

First of all, let's understand what transition words are. For our text to make sense, we need to use resources so that it has clarity, precision and objectivity. Do you remember Portuguese language classes? So, in the Portuguese language there is an important concept, which is cohesion. It is one of the elements belonging to textuality.

Therefore, in order to have a well-organized text, we need to use words that establish relationships between expressions, sentences, sentences and paragraphs. In addition to elements such as adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and adverbial phrases, for example, we also have transition words.

Let’s look at some examples for better understanding:


  • At first;
  • Above all;
  • Since now;
  • In the first place;
  • Above all.


  • Further;
  • As well as;
  • In the same way;
  • On the other hand.


  • Now;
  • At the same time;
  • Just;
  • Constantly;
  • Often;
  • Immediately.

Comparison or Similarity:

  • Like this;
  • In the same way;
  • Otherwise;
  • Equally;
  • As well as.


  • Above all;
  • In the end;
  • Like this;
  • That way;
  • In short;
  • Therefore.

What are the benefits

More clearly, there are specific benefits to using transition words. A text with good use of transition words retains the reader.

This way, your audience tends to stay on your website longer. Another important issue is the bounce rate. There is a decrease in the percentage of people who leave their blog.

How to use transition words

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that the most important thing in the text is quality. There is no point in using several transition words in a random and meaningless way. In fact, the main function is precisely to give meaning to your text.

Therefore, it is essential that your text is well structured and that the use of any transition words is part of the context. A good tip is to first write a draft, putting together the basic structure – introduction, development, closing. Remember that a good internet text must have a specific function for its reader. This way, stay focused on the objective of your text.

How do I know if I'm using it correctly

Given this, there is a way to evaluate good SEO text, taking into account the principle of readability. For those who work with WordPress, mainly, the use of the plugin Yoast SEO will help a lot.

The plugin has readability analysis in one of its functions, and one of its items is precisely the application of transition words. To know, therefore, if you are using the words correctly in your text, simply follow the plugin's tips and check if you are within the parameters. In the case of transition words, you must use above 30% within the text.

Yoast SEO

The plugin also provides other important tips. Practice its use a lot. Over time, it will get easier.

Don't forget other factors

As we said, it is important not to focus only on the issue of using transition words. There are several ranking factors that should not be forgotten. Take advantage of the plugin to check other information. This way, you will be able, over time, to develop increasingly better texts.

The essential thing is that your text is enjoyable to read. So the audience will come back. And you will have repeat visits to your blog.

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Transition Words for SEO: what they are and how to use them
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