Black Friday 2020 - Tips for selling in the final stretch
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The topic in the digital market at this time could not be different: Black Friday. You can have an online store, a service company, be focused on B2C or B2B. It doesn't matter, Black Friday is for everyone.

Black Friday 2020 will take place next week. Have you already been working on the famous Esquenta for Black Friday? What if I'm not disclosing? Not too high?

In this post, we're going to talk about the final stretch to enjoy Black Friday 2020!

Hot digital market

It is nothing new that, due to the pandemic, the digital market is highly heated. That way, if you haven't taken advantage of the date yet, you still have time. The final stretch can be used. After all, Black Friday takes place on November 27th.

The flexibility that digital marketing provides helps. But that's not why we're leaving it until the last minute. Starting now, you can still take advantage of the date and reap the rewards. Some numbers from a search carried out by Google help you understand the importance of Black Friday 2020:

  • 51% of people who started buying food online declared that they will continue with the practice after the pandemic;
  • 25% stated that they will only purchase online;
  • 24% stated that they will purchase most of their items online.

In 2019, Black Friday in Brazil presented very expressive numbers:

  • Average expenditure of R$ 602.00;
  • Sales of around R$ 3.2 billion, an increase of 23.6% compared to 2018;
  • 5.33 million orders were registered – 25% more compared to the previous year.

Tips for thriving on Black Friday 2020

In the final stretch of Black Friday, your brand needs to be in the spotlight. We’ve put together some tips to help you:

  • Invest in communication with your customer base and be present on social media, which remained very active, mainly due to the continuity of working from home;
  • Adopt new technologies to communicate, such as WhatsApp Business, for example;
  • Don't be afraid to send emails. Customers will certainly receive a flood of them. But if you have good promotions, don’t leave your customers hanging. They will certainly know how to identify good promotions.

Regarding online advertisements:

  • Avoid excessive investments in channels that use auction dynamics, such as Facebook and Google: Depending on the dynamics at the time of purchase, the platform may increase the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) above the intended bids. Therefore, a good option is to use cost limit bids and gradually increase investments, keeping them under control;
  • Manage liquidity and rely on machine learning in paid ads: When the ad is in the learning phase, it is very common to want to manually adjust them as soon as they are posted to try to increase results. This way, take advantage of the machine learning and system optimizations created by Google and by Facebook. This way, your ads will be in the right place and for the audience you have configured.

Other strategies that work

Offer truly unmissable discounts. This way, the date will make sense to customers. Don't join #blackfraud. And don't forget your customers. So treat them like VIPs. Give even more special discounts, with an eye on loyalty.

Use triggers and wish lists. You can use scarcity triggers by including a counter, for example, on your website. Especially if you have a Virtual store. Regarding wish lists, you can use them to personalize offers for your customers and to identify trends leading up to Black Friday. This way, you will increase the chances of conversion.

In short

There's time to plan the last week of Black Friday. Use online advertising to your advantage and separate real offers for your VIP list and new customers. Take advantage of the booming digital market and engage with your customers on social media, as well as tools like WhatsApp.

The main thing is to plan these last days. There's still time!

If you need help, count on the Vero Contents team. Speak to an expert!

Black Friday: Tips for selling more
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