Google Shopping: what is it and how to advertise?
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Google Shopping is an online shopping platform provided by Google. It is a form of visual search where users can search, compare and buy products directly from Google search results.

Unlike traditional search results, where websites are displayed as links, Google Shopping displays product ads with images, prices, reviews, and relevant information directly in search results. This allows users to quickly see different product options, compare prices, and find the best deals.

Google Shopping ads are created by merchants and displayed based on several factors, such as product relevance, price, availability, and user location. Merchants can set up ad campaigns in Google Ads, providing detailed information about their products, including title, description, price, image, and link to the purchase page.

When users click on Google Shopping ads, they are taken to the product page on the merchant's website where they can complete their purchase.

This tool can increase the visibility of your items and your brand and even increase sales. However, to achieve this result you need to know how to use the service to your advantage. Virtual store.

So, see how to use this Google resource and check out what you can't miss!

Create your Merchant Center account

The first step to advertising on this resource is to create your account on Merchant Center. It is there that you can register your products and include information that users who search will be able to see.

The process is simple and free. You can also select which products you want to register. At this initial moment, prefer to focus on your sales champions. If the budget is available, it is possible to add most of the inventory, increasing the potential reach.

The idea is to define what and how the options will be displayed by the tool. Therefore, it is worth considering your strategy for making the decision.

Fill in product information

Then, you need to add all relevant data about each item. The more complete the offer, the better. So, include name, model, brand and technical description, at a minimum.

Furthermore, it is essential to worry about the images. One of the precautions is with the photo of the offer, as it can be decisive in attracting and even convincing the user. Therefore, it must have the best quality possible.

Create a Google Shopping campaign

With all the information added, it is necessary to set up a campaign on Google Shopping. It is managed by the Google Ads, precisely because it is a type of sponsored link.

Simply decide which product you want to feature and then participate in the auction to determine the bid amount. The more competitive the keyword, the higher the price of the campaign.

Then, you need to configure characteristics such as display period, target audience segmentation, use of retargeting and so on. Once everything is finished, just start the campaign and monitor the results.

Count on specialized support

In principle, using Google Shopping has no mystery or major obstacles. However, the greater the competition in your sector, the greater the need for qualifications to appear on Google.

To simplify the process, it is worth enlisting specialized help. With the support of a digital marketing agency that provides the service, campaigns can be configured and optimized. Furthermore, it is possible to identify the best chances and even establish a new sales channel based on this functionality.

Google Shopping brings diverse results, in terms of exposure, generation of opportunities and even sales conversion. With proper use of the tool, it is possible to improve the performance of the online store and enhance its digital marketing activities.

It's a great tool for marketers and retailers to promote their products, increase their brands' visibility, and reach a wider audience. It is also convenient for users as they can quickly find the products they want to buy and compare prices from different retailers in one place.

Since having help makes all the difference, speak to one of our experts at Vero Contents and find out what we can do!

Google Shopping: what is it and how to advertise?
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